Friday, 18 May 2018

3 Influential People I Follow

Hey guys!

Seeing as though I have been awol from blogging for a while, I thought that I would come back with a blog post allllll about the 3 most influential people that I follow at the moment. This is either on social media or in my day-to-day life, and I would also like to explain why!

Ingham Family of Five

Image from HERE
I found the Ingham family when I was browsing YouTube one day, and they came up as 'recommended' for me. Ever since I began to watch their videos everyday, I have never looked back. They have become a part of my daily routine!

Their family consists of dad Chris, mum Sarah, Isabelle (12), Esme (8) and Isla (6), and they share their lives with the world on a day-to-day basis. 

I decided to choose these as 'influential', because they really do have a positive influence on my daily life. I relate to Sarah especially- as she has endured some things in her life that I have also endured, but she does not let that stop her from living her best life, always being cheerful and always being positive. I love the way that they constantly remind you to be thankful for your day and whatever you have, even if you do not feel that you have a lot. With me, they make me want to spread positivity, cheer and love to everyone around me and I would like to thank them for that. 

Every single video they make and share with us is full of laughter and smiles, even if it is pouring down with rain. They constantly see the good in people and their lives and their own, and I will forever be thankful to them for teaching me how to see that in my own life and what I have around me. 

If you fancy checking out their videos, I have attached a link HERE!

Lady Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter)

Image from HERE
Lady Louise Pentland. LADY LOUISE PENTLAND.

When I think of a strong, independent woman this is who springs to my mind. Not only is she now a Lady, she also bought an engagement ring to herself because she is that strong and independent. 

This woman is just full of what a woman should be. Yes she has a partner and 2 beautiful children, but she never lets that define who she is. She is continuous with showing people that you need to love yourself and your lives, no matter where you came from, what you look like or what you have had to endure in your life. She teaches you to never let that define you, and that you can change your life to be the best possible life that you deserve. 

We both share obsessions over laundry, cheese, good food and if that isn't enough, we both worship the same God. 

Each time I watch her 'weekly' vlog video, she always makes sure that every week has a theme/meaning, and she will ensure that this is drilled in to you (but in a very good way!). She makes me feel confident and strong- exactly what a woman should be. 

She is that influential she has just met with Prince Charles and Camilla, published books and still remains a down to earth woman. 

So thank you Lady Pentland for teaching me and continuously showing me how to become a better person and version of myself. I will forever be in your debt for this.

If you would like to check out Louise's videos, I have attached a link HERE.


Image from HERE
Now I feel as though this is going to be quite a controversial one to some people, but for me it is my way of life and the life that I have decided to live.

If you ready my blog, you will know that I am a Christian. I follow Jesus in my day-to-day life, I pray, I give thanks, I bless my food and I am enjoying every single moment of it. 

But why have I chosen to include Jesus in my list of influential people you may ask?

Because Jesus is the most influential person that I follow. 

Jesus has taught me many things that I was struggling to find answers to. He gave me insight in to why I was suffering by showing me the light at the end of the tunnel, shows me how to live a life that may not be absolutely perfect but that is perfect to me. He has given me opportunities that I could never have thought of in my wildest dreams and this is only the start. He gives me hope for a better me, a better future and a better life and I will forever continue to give thanks to Him and praise Him for this.

So these are the 3 influential people that I follow so far. I would love to read/hear about what influential people you follow, so feel free to leave a comment below and express yourselves!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Where Were You Our Father?

Where were you our Father?
When my heart began to break,
When the sky came falling down on me,
And the ground began to shake.

Where were you our Father?
When I spent many restless nights,
Crying in to my tear soaked pillow,
Pushing through all of my fights.

Where were you our Father?
When I could barely stand,
When I wanted to meet you face to face,
Why didn't you take my hand?

My child I was with you,
I was carrying you through the days,
You thought that this was your entire life,
But I promise it was just a phase.

My child I was crying,
I was watching your every move,
I watched you put your trust in the false,
But never Me did you choose.

My child I have got you,
I'm fighting for your life,
You don't need to damage your beautiful temple,
Now put down that damned knife.

My child now you'll listen,
You'll walk this walk with Grace,
You'll put every trust in Me,
Because I have put you in your place.

My child I love you,
Within you I exist,
Put your love and trust in Me,
And I will forever be in your midst.

- Jessica McKenzie - 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

GUEST POST: Homeschooling - Week 2

Homeschooling 3 boys from ages 9, 11 and 14

Well, our second week just flew by in a blur!

My well thought out and pre-prepared weekly timetable has gone out of the window already.  It doesn't work out when each boy gets up naturally at a different time and works through their books at varying paces.  They never seem to be ready to take a break together.  So my plan of starting the day with a family devotional hasn't worked out - we tend to fit it in at the end of dinner instead. My daily chores list remains on the wall, unused, in the hope that one of these days the boys will all be up early enough to help me with some of the jobs needing to be done each morning!

I discovered this week that actually the boys should be aiming for double their age in total numbers of pages of book work per day.  Our 9 year old is managing to complete all his by lunch time!  Our other two are taking longer and not very often managing to do the recommended amount.  
We did manage to have a complete day off book work last Tuesday to go to a Meet with other local Christian home educators, which I enjoyed more than the boys.  We also met up with another group of home schoolers on Wednesday afternoon at an indoor play area.  Looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather so we can get out and about in the fresh air.

This week the boys actually completed their scientific experiment (salt crystals on a piece of cotton dipped in saline solution) and their arts and crafts projects (weaving with wool).  That's about the extent of my creative abilities!

Had a few tantrums to deal with during the week - had some nasty things shouted at me.  I win the prize for the "worst mum in the world" again (the amount of times I've heard that over the years!)  Later I had the priviledge of hearing that particular son say God had told him to come and say sorry.  I was then able to talk and share some Bible truths.  I love home schooling!

I am particularly loving seeing our sons learn Bible verses as part of each subject (even Maths!)  Our 14 year old was reading a Psalm and answering questions about King David's relationship with God in one of his subjects.

I'm also loving spending more time with each of them, getting to know them better, and encouraging them in their relationships with each other.  So far, so good - just harder work than I expected!  
Kind of thinking we should have taken advice from others and had a period of de-schooling before getting stuck right in (but previously I thought as we had just finished the Christmas holidays, we didn't really need to!) 

Boys' thoughts about home schooling at the end of week 2:

9 year old: "It's OK"
11 year old: "I'm glad that I won't be tempted to do wrong things"
14 year old: "I want to go back to school"

Sunday, 28 January 2018

GUEST POST: Homeschooling - Week 1

Please note: Someone very dear to me has just started homeschooling three of her children, but she would like to keep it anonymous for now. I have asked her if she would like the opportunity to post weekly reviews of how she feels this is going, and for you all to read and see what homeschooling is really like! Enjoy!

Homeschooling 3 boys from ages 9, 11 and 14

We're a mixed-race Christian family with five boys and have just started home schooling the youngest three.  Join us as we begin this brand new journey!

A few months ago, our 11 year old son said something to me which set this whole home schooling ball in motion, "I'm worried that at High School I'm going to be tempted to do things I don't want to do".  Home schooling is something I hadn't really thought about before, but that night, we started to seriously consider it.I made some enquiries, was added to several Facebook home schooling pages, met up with a few local home educators and we finally made the decision to take our three youngest boys out of the school system and use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum at home . 

I joined The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling (TEACH), who provide support for home schoolers using the ACE curriculum.  The boys each had to complete a set of online assessments and were given a prescription to show where they were academically and which books we needed to order.  Our 14 year old was assessed as being ready to start his International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE), which I then had to register him for.  This would give him a qualification equivalent to eight O'levels.  I also had to complete online training for ACE and ICCE to enable me to supervise their self-directed learning.

On Monday last week, the books all arrived.  I then discovered I had neglected to order our 14 year old's Social Studies textbooks (thinking the activity PACs were all that were needed in that subject).  I'd also not got any of the reading books for literature.  We all made a trip to the local library to renew their cards and find that none of the requested books were in stock and only three out of the twelve could be ordered from other libraries in Wales.  

I came home to order six others from Amazon!  Total cost so far is over £400, but we have enough books to last at least eight weeks in all six subjects for all three boys.  We also need to pay £150 for ICCE registration.

We started book work on Tuesday.  I thought I'd break them in gently and let them wake up naturally.  Our 9 year old was down at 7:45am for breakfast and had completed his required work in all six subjects by 12 noon.  Our 11 year old woke at around 10am and didn't finish his book work until around 5pm (he gets distracted quite easily).  Our 14 year old was still in bed when the man from ICCE phoned to interview him!  He started book work around 12 noon and was finished by around 5pm.  (again, there was a lack of concentration at times).  

As I'd promised them a bike ride once the book work was over, it meant going out in the dark and cold at around 6pm (by the time the lights were found and attached) to keep everybody happy.The next day was better as all three boys were downstairs and working by 8:30am.  I had to force them to eat breakfast!  They worked through until 2pm, with a few short breaks in between, in order to visit some other local home schooling families who meet at the local swimming baths every Wednesday afternoon.  Our 14 year old went on to do a session in the gym with a friend.  The other two ended up playing in the indoor play area too. 

Thursday, we had to be out before 1pm to meet other home schooling families at RAPA, a local outdoor adventure play area.  Our 9 year old had already finished his book work by 12 noon, but the other two didn't manage to finish their goals for the day.  They planned to finish off that evening, but didn't quite manage to.  We had a day off on Friday to attend a dear friend's funeral, so the book work for the week was completed on Saturday.The boys all agree that they've done more work this week than they ever have at school.  By looking through some of their school books, I definitely agree.  My thoughts at the end of a very busy week are that we need to reduce their daily goals. 

ACE recommends 3-5 workbook pages per subject per day.  The boys started off with the maximum, but we've decided to reduce it to the minimum for the older two whilst we all settle into our new routine.  Obviously our 9 year old is happy to get on with the maximum amount and still finish on time, but I don't want the other two burning out, resenting me and hating home schooling!  

Boys' thoughts about home schooling at the end of week 1:
9 year old: "I liked it"
11 year old: "It's OK"
14 year old: "Too much work"
Links to useful websites:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Who Is TYPE0?

Who is Type0?

If you follow/are friends with me on any of my social media, you will see that I have been ranting and raving over this so called 'Type0' guy. But who is he?

Nathaniel Leacock a.k.a 'Type0' is an upcoming music artist in the UK, focusing on hiphop, pop and grime music. Growing up in London, Type0 now lives in the city of Manchester where he is signed to a label called CoolShade Records owned by Lennie Richards.

Type0 has just recently finished touring with the UK Hip Hop Legend 'Roots Manuva' on his UK tour, performing in the cities of Leeds, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

Type0 was alongside other supporting acts such as 'Chali 2na' from 'Jurassic 5', 'Oscar #worldpeace' and 'Krafty Kuts'. Together, they created a storm of an opening ready for the main act of Mr Manuva himself.

Whilst touring the UK, Type0 released his FIRST single with CoolShade records called 'One Thing'.

'One Thing' is a mixture of rap and singing and is definitely something you want to be hearing right now.

You can find it linked below, with a music video VERY soon! GO GO GO!!

Apple Music:

More on Type0 to come real soon...

Monday, 16 October 2017

On A Sandy Path

God is mysterious. God works in ways that we cannot ever understand or imagine. He may reveal himself to us in the most normal way... But also the most 'magical' and absurd.

That is how my first revelation was. It was absurd. It got me thinking. It made me cry.

One night a few weeks before I got baptised, I was laying in bed thinking about if I was making the right choice or not. Whether getting baptised was really for me, or whether it was just a lovely thought that I had been thinking about for months on end. I couldn't make up my mind, so I decided to put my trust in God and ask him for guidance. After all, that is what He is there for isn't it?

So right before I went to sleep I spoke to God and word for word said, "God, I don't know if you can hear me or are taking any notice in what I am saying to you right now, but I need you to show yourself to me. I need you to show me that you are right here and that the choice of being baptised is the right one for me." Shortly after saying this I fell to sleep.

What happened next some may say is a coincidence. Some may say that it was indeed all just a dream, but it was VERY real. Things were said and revealed to me that there just is not an explanation for. 

I dreamt that I was stood on a sandy desert path. It sort of looked like something from the Aborigine times, but it also looked like a park in Manchester. It was really bizarre. All of a sudden, Jesus was sat crossed legged in front of me. He had is hand stretched out and He said to me "Take my hand Jess". I replied with, "I can't Jesus, I am not worthy enough of your grasp." Jesus literally laughed in my face, stood up and said, "Anyone is worthy, as long as they believe." So, I took Jesus' hand. 

When I woke up my arm was outstretched into the air, and I didn't really understand what was going on. I don't have dreams usually. I thought that I had either been sleep walking, or sleep talking or something. To be honest I was quite scared and I didn't want to go back to sleep, but this rush of tiredness came over me and once again, I was in a deep slumber.

I was back on the same sandy path. I was right back where I was when I had fallen to sleep the first time, except I was walking hand in hand with Jesus. On the other side of Jesus was a jet black shadow but in the figure of a man. All three of us were walking along this sandy path in silence, but it was comforting. I was at peace. Jesus then turned to me and said, "I have to let go of your hand now because someone else needs me, but carry on walking right beside me." So I carried on walking with Jesus and this shadow for ages and ages. It came to a point where we all just stopped on this sandy path and again, Jesus turned to me and exclaimed "you have to go now Jess. I am with you and I always will be." I felt heartbroken because I didn't want this feeling of peace and love to end, but I turned around and began walking the other way down the sandy path. I had no idea where I was going, but I headed the other way. All of a sudden, this incredibly loud booming voice shouted to me, "Tell Solomon I have heard his prayers, I am with him and I have got him." When I turned to look back, my partner's brother was staring right back at me and he was holding hands with Jesus. 

When I woke up it was the next morning, and I knew that I had to pass this message on to someone. I woke up my partner and I explained what had happened, and I also messaged his mum to say what had happened. I was in disbelief. I thought it was all a dream and I needed answers. Jesus had LITERALLY REVEALED himself to me, and yet I was still doubting it all. So Janet (my partner's mum) asked Solomon when he got home if he had been praying for anything recently. Solomon explained to Janet that he had been praying to Jesus about how to be a better Christian because he didn't feel as though he was on the right path. Little did he know he really was. He was on the path with Jesus, I had seen Jesus take him and walk with him. I had witnessed Jesus take Solomon on the right path where he needed to be. Jesus answered Solomon's prayers through me, and I was absolutely honoured. 

This made me realise that I needed to get baptised. I woke up feeling the same peace and love that I had felt on that sandy path. Not only do I never dream, but people rarely fall back in to the same dream twice. I honestly believe that this wasn't a dream. This was a revelation that I had asked for and got.

Obviously people are going to be like "it was only a dream", but you didn't feel what I felt. You didn't see what I had seen. I asked God for proof that He was there, and to see whether the decisions I was about to make were the right ones, and yes our Lord guided me. 

This was my first revelation of Jesus. People laughed in my face when I told them, and they told me to stop being so stupid. I knew that I wasn't the stupid one though- they were for being so ignorant. I felt blessed to be touched by Jesus. People will question Him revealing Himself through dreams, and question why He didn't do it when I was blatantly awake. But God is mysterious remember? And I love it. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye old friend,
I've turned my back,
You said you were helping,
But you kept me off track.

Goodbye old friend,
You caused me pain, 
You said I deserved to lose what I lost,
But you didn't tell me what I would gain.

Goodbye old friend,
You told me to cut,
You said that the blood helped ease the feeling,
But those wounds you helped me shut.

Goodbye old friend,
You were very wrong,
Those gloomy chimes inside of me,
Turned in to such a beautiful song.

Goodbye old friend,
I have found my peace,
I've closed that lid,
And your existence will cease.

Goodbye old friend,
I have started a new,
And by saying goodbye,
I wholeheartedly grew.

- Jessica McKenzie -