Wednesday, 29 January 2014

LUSH | Magic Wand

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all well.

I have been a lover of the Magic Wand from LUSH recently, and because I think it is so amazing, I think you will love it too!

I am a huge fan of a good, relaxing, gorgeous smelling bath which is why I adore this product. The only thing I find about using bath products is that sometimes they can only be used once, but not this product! It is re-usable!

You just wave the wand into your bath whilst the tap is running and wait for the bath to turn a glorious pink colour and for the bubbles to appear. 

The scent is delicious. It reminds me of walking into one of those old-fashioned sweet shops, and being surrounded by all of the different sweets around me. The scent also lasts on the skin which makes this product even better, and moisturises whilst you relax!

When you have placed the wand into the bath and gained bubbles and pink water from swishing' it around, just place it back in it's packet and put it away for the next time you would like to experience a princess bath, because seriously, that is what it feels like! 

(Also, this is one of my photo's! I have a camera!)

What are your favourite bath time products? 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Courageous Words

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a great weekend and done amazing things.

Seeing as though today is monday, and lets face it, it isn't everyones favourite day, I thought I would do a motivational post as I haven't done one of these in a while.

Image from Pinterest and can be found HERE

I have recently been seeing a lovely lady who has been helping me get to grips with my past, my future and my anxiety. She has truly helped me in so many ways, she has definitely helped me to see life in a whole new light.

One thing she taught me to focus on is the word 'yet'. I know you may be sat there thinking "yet? what has that got to do with looking in to the future?", but trust me, it really does mean something. 

If you find that your path into the future is foggy, always think that your not there yet. Never think that you won't get there, because you will, you just haven't got there yet. Yet means that you will get there one day, just not quite now.

When I have been thinking that I will never achieve something, instead of thinking that it will never happen, I have been thinking that it hasn't happened yet. This is because I believe that it will happen, but it will happen when the time is right, and when I deserve it to happen.

So if you are having a really crappy monday and thinking that Friday will never come, it will come, just not yet, because you have the rest of the week to experience new things, and try out new activities. Life is a beautiful thing and never wish it away. 

Just remember that word, YET

What courageous words have you been loving? What has been keeping you motivated?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Looking Back Into 2013...

Hello everyone! 

I know that 2013 was quite a while ago now, but I was looking through those oh so embarrassing photos on Facebook, and I couldn't not share with you all some of my highlights from this past year. This past year has seriously been one of the craziest and best years I have ever had, including so many memories that I will never forget. Here is a little collage to show you all :).

What are your most memorable moments of 2013?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MAC | Brush Cleanser

Hello everyone! 

Just a little note before I begin my review. I have misplaced my camera and as a result I have to use my phone camera. However, when I tried putting the photo onto my laptop to show you guys, it didn't bleeding work. Goodness sake. I promise guys that I will get it sorted for my next review/post.

Anyway, push away the bad stuff, I have a review. Yay! I love trying out new things and providing new reviews for you all so that you can try these products too. The review I am going to be giving you all is about the MAC Brush Cleanser, and I am seriously impressed. 

Until this bottle of goodness fell into my hands, I didn't think washing my makeup brushes seemed like a big deal. I just got on with using them how they were and let the dreams of having clean brushes pass by.

Alas! I gained this little stunner and I have never seen cleaner brushes. Honestly. One teeny little drop is all you need, and you brush feels brand new. This cleanser also contains conditioner, which will keep your bristles soft, and it will also prevent them from falling out. 

This brush cleanser is a stealer at only £10.00 which I think is absolutely amazing for a product this good. You can find that HERE if you are interested in purchasing. 

This cleanser also works for any size brush that you intend on cleaning. It doesn't damage the root of the brush either, so even if you get a little bit of cleanser in the root, it will not cause the bristles to fall out. I highly recommend this product, and even though this my first ever brush cleaner, I think I have found the one.

What do you guys think? What are your favourite brush cleansers? What do you recommend? 


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Kukee Jewellery

Hello everyone, I hope that you are well.

I just wanted to share with you guys something that came through the post. I ordered a few bits of jewellery from a website called 'Kukee', (which you can find HERE) and they came today, yay!

The jewellery on the website is very very pretty, and I was stuck for choice when I was placing my order. The prices are so cheap however, but this doesn't disappoint with the quality of the jewellery as it is amazing. I am so chuffed with my delivery.

So I just wanted to say thank you to those who work for Kukee, and also thank you for my little gift that you threw into the parcel to! I adore the colours on the bracelet!

So if you are struggling for some funky jewellery for an event that you are attending, and a little stuck for cash, then take a look at this website because you seriously will not be disappointed!

What websites have you come across lately?

(Little disclaimer: sorry for the quality of the photo's, they were taken on my iPhone as my camera wasn't to hand and I couldn't find it anywhere.)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Diesel Loverdose

Hello everyone, look at me, I'm on a role with this blogging malarky! 

I couldn't keep this perfume to myself any longer. I just had to share it with you all. 

Image taken from HERE

I received this little beauty for Christmas, and I haven't kept it off my body since. This has to be one of my all time favourite scents ever. Yes I would have like to use an image of my own, but I left this little beauty at home :( (I am currently stopping at my nans for the weekend). 

This perfume has a very very sweet scent, but oh gosh it is strong! I usually go all perfume psychotic and spray all over my body when I use perfume, but with this I only need one spray on each wrist and on my neck. It also lasts me the whole day, and unlike other perfumes I have used in the past, I don't need to carry this around with me through the day.

Also, how cute is the bottle?! The little chiselled heart detail draws me in even more. If you haven't tried this perfume, I recommend you do! You can find this perfume HERE, and at £29.50 it is a stealer compared to other gorgeous perfumes!

What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

Friday, 10 January 2014

It's A Spring Fling

Hello everyone, I hope that you have had a good week and life is treating you well.
Today I bring with me a little beauty post pointing towards spring. I always like to seek out what makeup and skin-care products I will be using in the spring season, so I thought that I would give you guys an idea of what you could use as well! 
*I have used drugstore/highstreet makeup due to the fact that it is after Christmas and money may be a tad tight.*

Carmex- £4.95
Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation- £8.99
Maybelline Color Tattoo- £3.63
Maybelline Highlighter and Blusher- £5.45
Maybelline Fit Me concealer- £5.99
Neutrogena Healthy Defense moisturiser- £7.88
Rimmel Kate lipstick- £5.49
Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara- £7.99

I chose to involve Carmex because I seriously swear by this stuff. After the winter season, it is likely that your lips will become dry because of the change in the weather. I always use this in a morning and night after I have applied my moisturiser. I also apply it underneath lipsticks to give it a glossy appeal, and it also works miracles on your lips whilst still underneath your lip colour of choice.

I am currently using the Wake Me Up foundation, and it gives me such a radiant glow. Because it will be spring time, a fresh and radiant glow will be suitable, so I believe that this foundation is perfect. The foundation is also a very light formula, so it doesn't cause any harm to the skin or clog the pores like a heavy foundation might.

I have become a huge fan of the Color Tattoo's, and I use them near enough every day. The Rose Gold one (as shown above) is my favourite, and it it also a perfect spring colour. It will be suitable for an everyday look blended out, or even for a spring BBQ, with a slightly darker matte colour through the crease. These colours are also great to use as an eyeshadow primer too, as they are very gel-like and don't budge.

A good blusher and highlighter is always essential for spring, as it gives you a healthy colour on your cheeks and makes them shine. When I stumbled upon this on the internet, I noticed that it is from the Target store which is in America, and I don't think that this is actually out in England yet. However, on the Target website it may be possible to change the currency and have it get shipped over to England. A bright blush will sit perfectly on the apples of the cheeks, and I think this colour is gorgeous. The fact that it is combined with a highlighter too makes it even more better!

I have tried the Fit Me foundation once and I was a huge fan, as like the Wake Me Up foundation it made my skin glow. I always wanted to try the concealer that is compatible with the Fit Me foundation, so I thought that I would recommend you guys this product first so you could inform me of how it is. My friend uses this underneath her eyes, and it seriously brings out the brightness and hides those dark circles if you have any!

I'm in love with the brand Neutrogena. I adore their facial washes and moisturisers as they work wonders on my skin. I noticed that this product links you to the American Target site, but it may possibly allow you to change the currency if you try. A moisturiser is essential all year round, and not only in spring as your face will get chapped and dry because of the weather change like your lips. Keeping a moisturised face is essential.

You always need a pretty pink lip colour for the spring time, and the Kate lipsticks from Rimmel are perfect. They are super super pigmented and last throughout the whole day, even through eating a drinking! I love my Kate lipstick, and I only use it when I know I am going to have a hard day and I am not going to be able to re-apply me lipstick as often as I should. They also do not dry your lips out, however I always use my Carmex underneath my lipsticks too just to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Like any season, a face isn't complete without a mascara. I enjoy using the Rimmel mascaras as they do their job, but don't clog up the lashes. The smooth through the lashes when being applied, and last all day without any fall down.

So there is my spring recommendations guys! If you have tried any of these products then let me know how you found them, and if you have any other recommendations too! What products do you like to use in the spring?

Debenhams Winter Style Challenge

Hi everyone! I was recently contacted by a gentleman named Benjamin, asking if I would like to participate in the Debenhams Winter Style Challenge. Seeing as though winter is one of my favourite seasons, I decided to give it a go!

Mood board #1

The grand total of this winter look is £220.00
  1. Cream Grass Print Fluffy Cardigan- £18.00
  2. Lace and Pleat Top- £20.00
  3. Oasis Grace Highwaisted Grazer Anne- £30.00
  4. Designer Black Leather Buckle Knee High Boots- £70.00
  5. Black Three Section Cross Hatch Grab Bag- £25.00
  6. Black Sheepskin Lined Leather Gloves- £38.00
  7. Pale Pink Logo Walker Umbrella- £14.00
  8. Oasis Crochet Ruffle Snood- £8.00
I love this look as I believe that it is classy yet cosy and casual. I adore the boots that are featured in this mood board, along with the collared top. This outfit would definitely be featured within my wardrobe in the wintertime. 

Mood board #2

The grand total of this winter look is £220.00
  1. Floral Lace Dress- £25.00
  2. Black Kai High Heel Boots- £79.00
  3. Black Ball Chain Gem Diamante Pendant- £44.00
  4. Black Diamante Chain Drop Earrings- £32.00
  5. Black Single Clutch- £20.00
  6. Gold Black Weave Bracelet- £20.00
For this look I went for a Christmas Party look. This is because around wintertime there are many parties that people attend, and are always looking for an outfit to wear. I chose a black and gold theme because I think that this looks classy and not too overdone.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bloggers' Birthdays

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to quickly share with you all something that I have just stumbled across.

I was browsing through my favourite bloggers, and I found something called 'Bloggers Birthdays'. I though "heck yeah let me sign up for that!" 
I think it is a lovely way to share the bloggin' luuurrveee and wish everyone a happy birthday when it is there special day. 

If you would like to sign up for 'Bloggers Birthdays' too, then click HERE are you will be taken to the page.

I hope you have all had a happy day!

Monday, 6 January 2014

The Leibster Award

Hello everyone.

Today I found that I have been nominated for the Leibster Award by Amee from Amee (thank you so much!). Along with the Leibster Award, there are a few rules which must be complied with. These are:

Make a blog post about the Leibster Award and thank the nominator.
Write 11 interesting facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions that were given to you from your nominator.
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and notify them.
Write 11 questions for your nominees to answer. 

So as I must, I will begin to write 11, sort of interesting, facts about myself!

  1. I have a fear of the sea- I don't like the idea of what could be swimmin' around my tootsies, or the fact it is so so deep!
  2. I get really really sea sick- (Linking in with the above), I can't go on a boat without being sick. I was once on a pedd'lo in Spain and I was so so ill.
  3. I am a very fussy eater, especially with meats- I like to know where my meat comes from and what brand it was made by. After the 'horse meat' scandal, I am really aware.
  4. I over think a lot of things- I am constantly asking many questions about the world. I am always curious to find things out, and know as much information as I can. 
  5. I snore- (How embarrassing) I have only just found out that I snore. Poor little sister. 
  6. I play the flute- Although I gave it up a few years ago, I miss playing this almighty woodwind instrument.
  7. I have a lipstick and nail varnish addiction- Oh My. Lipsticks and nail varnishes. They come in so many pretty colours, styles and textures. 
  8. I love brussell sprouts- Mmm. We only eat these at Christmas though, so I always have a whole year to wait. This is probably why I like them so much.
  9. I have an unhealthy obsession with pasta- This is great. Pasta is great. It can be eaten with anything, combined with anything and eaten by anything!
  10. I am addicted to chinese food- (Spot the link?) Yes, I am a foodaholic. I love good tasting foods and I like to have my fill of them. Chinese food appears to fall into that category too.
  11. Playing on Sims is my guilty pleasure- I admit that this IS my guilty pleasure. I just like to live a virtual life that I never can live!
Okay, so now on to answering those funky questions nominated by Amee!

What is your favourite make and shade of lipstick?
Ooo such difficulty! My all time favourite lipstick is my Chanel one in Rouge Allure - Prodigious. It is such a dark, pretty colour with flecks of gold in. 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
I would probably venture off to America. It is my dream to go there. Food and all.

What is the worst beauty product you have ever tried out?
Don't get me wrong, I love some of the ELF products that I have bought, but I just couldn't fall in love with the eyebrow kit. It wasn't pigmented enough and it just didn't work :(.

Who are your favourite bloggers?
I love love love Linsey from 'Red Velvet Kiss', Lauren from 'Destroy After Reading', Amee from 'Amee' and Heather from 'Of Beauty And Nothingness'. Their posts are amazing.  

What one item of clothing could you not live without?
Gah. My woolly jumpers. I love em' too bloody much to ever let them go! I get cold too easily so these are perfect.

What is your favourite candle scent?
Easy peasy. It has to be the fresh linen/clean cotton (I can't remember what it is called) from Yankee. The smell is just so fresh!

Twitter or Instagram?
I can't possibly choose. I love them both silly amounts.

What is your all time favourite song?
Even though it is kinda' christmass, I love the Pouges- Fairytail of New York. The song is just so cute and calming and all lovey dovey and christmassy and I love it.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you want?
Possibly invisibility and the ability to fly. They would be pretty cool.

What is your favourite accent?
I am torn between Welsh and American. I think they both sound so amazing and different from one another. I wish I had an accent.

What shop are the majority of your clothes from?
I'd like to think my clothes are from amazing shops, but they're not. Being a student and wanting so many things is difficult! Therefore I buy most of my clothes from Primark however, the prices in Primark are running higher and higher!

There are the questions that I have answered, and now for my 11 nominees!

Jonni from 'My Jolly Little Life'
Hope from 'A Spoonful Of Hope'
Cherie from 'CherieLaMode'
Ellysia from 'Leesha-Jane'
Laura from 'Lerreve'
Victoria from 'Little Words and Lessons Learned'
Olivia from 'Liv Loves'
Tamsyn-Elizabeth from 'peachpowxo'
Rose from 'Truly. Madly. Deeply'
Rachel from 'Rachel Coco'
'The Petite Halfie'

The questions that I would like to give are:

What type of eyeshadow do you prefer?
What is your favourite hot drink?
Cold or hot weather and why?
Flats or heels and why?
Au naturel or full cover?
Quiet surroundings or loud?
Sweet or savoury and why?
Favourite food?
Where is your favourite place to go?
What is your favourite perfume?
Do you enjoy shopping for makeup and scents, or clothes and shoes?

I hope you all play along! 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Little Insight To NYE

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all feeling as fresh as a daisy and not to worse for wear. I could say that I was up at the crack of dawn... but that would be lying! I spent my night dancing on tables, drinking champagne and taking part in a 'lock in' at the pub where I work. I thought that because I was working NYE, my night wouldn't be as good as I thought it was. I spent my evening with my work colleagues and some of my family, which couldn't have been any better. 

Image From Pinterest 

I don't usually stick to my New Years Resolutions, and to be honest I can't even remember the ones that I made for myself last year. However, I do have a few that I would like to try and stick to, and I thought I would share them with you guys!

1. Go out more with my friends- Lately I haven't been going out with my friends, so I think that this year gives me the opportunity to make more of an effort.
2. Don't look back- After this past few years, I have decided that this year I will not be looking back into my past, but instead I will be focusing on what the future has to offer.
3. Become more independent- I depend way too much on other people, and seeing as though I am going to university in September, I really need to become more independent and do more things on my own. 

What did you do for NYE? Do you have any New Years Resolutions?