Sunday, 20 April 2014

Week In Photo's | #1

I wasn't planning to put this post up so late today, but as I have been at work I could not get it up sooner. But anyway, here it is!

I am always up for writing new blog posts and after seeing this on so many of my favourite blogs, I decided to give it a go myself. This guys, is my week in photos: the beginning.

As it is the easter holidays for me, I thought that this week would have been full with revision and getting all that nasty coursework done and dusted. But nope. I treat this week like a holiday because I thought that I deserved to have some time off after what seemed forever. It wasn't an interesting week- just the standard, but I did enjoy chilling out and taking a break.

Monday was the day where I began to feel ill and under the weather, and little did I know that I was going to come down with tonsillitis again for the 6th time. I spent the day lounging around, tidying my room, finishing off little bits that needed doing and watching The Cat in the Hat with my little brother and sister. It was also a Monday, and me and Monday's do not really like each other very much!

Tuesday was an amazing day. The sun was out, it was quite warm (well for England!) so I thought that I would pull myself together and get out for a few hours. I went into town and bought some new face powder that I desperately needed and also tried out the new patisserie that has just opened in town. As it is new it wasn't very busy, so I thought that I would see what the price range was like and get myself a tea to take out. The tea was lovely and I will be making sure that I go there again. 

Wednesday was a very productive day. My mission for a while was to sort out my 'Narnia' wardrobe, and throw away all of the clothes that no longer fit, that I do not wear or have seen better days. I resulted in throwing out a black bin liner full of clothing, bags and fluffy socks (I have an obsession) and I felt so so much better! I had to call in the help of my nan because she is amazing at sorting out bits and bobs, and she always knows the right thing to do and say!

On Thursday my Grandad came up from Rugby to see us as we do not see him very often, and we had coffee's and chatted for a few hours. This picture is a sneak-peak of the embroidery on my ball dress, which I will be doing a post on, on around the 24th/25th May as my ball is on the 23rd. I was so excited to show my Grandad my ball dress, and it was lovely to see him as I do not get to see him very often at all. 

I thought that on Friday I would try and make this a productive day and get some essays out of the way for Philosophy. Even though I thought that this was going to be a productive day, it really wasn't. This picture shows me trying to write an essay on God's nature and attributes, and whether it is fair for him to reward the good and punish the wicked if he see's everything. I found that this was extremely hard to write, and because it was a beautiful day I spent too much time lounging in the sun than actually typing up some paragraphs. 

Saturday resulted in me working 12:00pm-9:00pm. I only really work 4 hours on a Saturday and the same on a Sunday, but because my friend was at a wedding I covered her shift. The day dragged and I was very tired by the time that I had finished. After I had finished my shift, showered and got comfy, I looked at my perfume collection and thought that I needed a good clear out. I sorted out the empty perfumes (however I am guilty of keeping a few bottles which are pretty!!!) and put my good bottles at the back and my everyday perfumes at the front,- just so that they are easy to grab. I then got an early night, ready for an early start the next morning. 

Today I had work again at 12:00pm-4:00pm however, I got to work at 11:00am as I knew that I had cutlery to wrap and tables to lay before the lunch punters came into the pub for meals, drinks and football. I was glad though that I was only working a 4 hours shift because my feet hurt a lot from the day before, and I just wanted to relax. After this I got home and began to start my philosophy revision which didn't go to well. It is the last year of my A-Levels and I need some serious motivation because I need to pass these for university!

So that was my week! What have you guys been up to this week? Have you been revising for exams?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When Feeling Poorly...

I am always ill. Whether this being with a headache, cough, runny nose or something worse. This time I have tonsillitis. I must have had tonsillitis around 6 times now, and I am so so fed up of it. But enough of that, these are my essentials when feeling poorly!

*A little disclaimer: these things may not work for you, but I wanted to share what works best for me, and what certainly makes me feel a lot better.*

A good 'ol face mask doesn't go amiss in my opinion. I love face masks and I adore the way that they make my skin feel. I prefer the 'peel off' face masks, as they are easier to apply and take off, but if I find a good face mask that needs washing off then I do not mind that at all. Some people like to apply their face mask when laying on their sofa's or watching a movie, but I like to apply mine in a bubble bath whilst relaxing.

Soothers are my holy grail at the minute. As my throat is constantly throbbing, I am relying on soothers to take the edge of the sting in my throat and they really are doing just that. I like all of the Soothers' flavours, but I have to remind myself that they are not sweet and I can't just eat them!

I do love a good, fluffy blanket. When I am feeling sorry for myself, I wrap myself in a blanket and snuggle down to watch a film, catch up on YouTube videos or blogging. This is one of my favourite ways to relax alongside bubble baths, and it takes my mind off feeling ill. 

Last but not least is my laptop. I use this every single day and I cannot go without. I use this to blog, to do coursework, watch YouTube video's and to socialise with my friends. I used to have a netbook laptop and it was so slow that I couldn't do anything with it. Using my laptop when ill makes me feel 100% better, because I can accomplish things whilst being ill.

What do you do when you feel poorly? 

Monday, 14 April 2014

That Festival Look

So it is no secret that summer is approaching- especially with days like today. Even if it is only spring, there is nothing I look forward to more than sitting in the sun with my friends and enjoying ourselves. Something else that occurs in summer is festivals. This year, I am attending Kendal Calling like I did last year, so I thought that I would put together a few outfit ideas for festivals, and what I find comfortable yet sassy! Coachella is also occurring at the moment, and I have seen some amazing outfits there so far!


Bum Bag: £25.00
Kimono: £45.00
Shorts: £32.00
Boots: £70.00
Glasses: £16.00

Dungarees: £24.99
Raised jelly shoes: £24.99
Bag: £17.99
Hair bobble garland: £2.99
Crop top: £6.99
I purposely chose these two outfits from two different shops because they both supplied different festival wear. I personally would wear these two outfits (maybe not the crop top haha), and they would be ideal for a festival. However, you have to be careful when wearing short clothing as last year I got sunburnt at the festival and I struggled to get comfortable after that. 

What outfits would you wear to a festival? 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Current Daily Makeup Routine

Hi guys!

I haven't done this sort of post before, so I thought that I had better do one! This is my current daily makeup routine which I have been using a lot for sixth form, work and days where I cannot really be bothered to put too much makeup on my face. So, lets get started!

I always use a base at the start of applying my makeup. This is because I have really bad discolouration on my skin, and I also have a few break-outs recently which are proving to be very stubborn to deal with. 

For starters I use a primer. I don't usually wear a primer for an everyday look, but I do for work because I find that my makeup slides, and seeing as though I am dealing with customers I don't want my makeup to completely come off. I found this on the MUA website, and it was in the sale so I purchased it!

I wait a couple of minutes for the primer to sink into my skin, and then I apply my current foundation which is the Rimmel Match Perfection in True Ivory with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This is my go-to foundation brush, as when I use my fingers I find that the makeup gets everywhere. I use a couple of pumps of this foundation, and keep on buffing it into the skin so that it looks more natural. 

Following the foundation is my all-time favourite concealer. This is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in number 1- Fair. I went for the lightest concealer because I found that it really helps to illuminate my skin and make me look more awake throughout the day. I place this under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, around my nose, my chin, in between my eyebrows and on any blemishes I have, and then use my Expert Face Brush to blend it in. I use my ring finger for the concealer underneath my eye though, because this gives it better coverage. 

I always use an eye primer because I like my eyeshadow to stay on, so I take my eye primer from Avon and apply this all over the lid. I then leave this whilst I do my eyebrows so that it gives it chance to become 'tacky', so that it holds the eyeshadow better. 

I found this eyebrow pencil in the avon catalogue and decided to purchase it right away, purely because I have always used a powder and I fancied a change. I love this pencil because it is super easy to fill in the brows, and it doesn't take a long time like a powder usually does. 

Once the eyebrows are completed, I take my fluffy brush from the brand Seventeen and my Maybelline duo to create a base eyeshadow. I take the pinky shade and apply this all over the eyelid to make it look matte and even. 

Then using the Real Techniques Shading Brush and this eyeshadow palette I picked up from Primark, I take the bottom eyeshadow on the far left and apply this in the crease of my eyes. I do not blend with this brush however, as it doesn't complete the job and makes it look untidy.

I then take my M.A.C 217 blending brush to blend out the eyeshadow, and to apply a little bit of a nude glitter pigment to the base eyeshadow. 

I like to use a brown eyeliner for daily makeup looks, because I think that it looks less harsh, and allows you to save the black for a night out. I apply this eyeliner on the water line and the eyelash line, softly, to give some definition to the roots of my eyelashes. 

I then take my favourite mascara at the minute, and apply 2 coats of this onto the top lashes, and one coat to the bottom. 

Taking my cream blush from Max Factor in the colour 'Soft Copper', I use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this to the apples of my cheeks. I like to use a cream blush, because I find that it stays on all day and doesn't budge. 

And then taking my holy grail bronzer from Sleek in the shade 'Light', and this cheek brush from the Seventeen collection, I contour my cheeks, nose and around my face for some structure. 

As I am not a huge fan of a dewy finish on my skin, I take my Natural Collection face powder in 'Cool' and my Real Techniques Powder Brush to apply some face powder to my T-Zone. 

I like to use a lip stain when working because it doesn't come off, and lasts throughout the day. I chose to use lip crayon from Maybelline? to create some subtle colour to my lips. 

So there is my daily makeup routine! Sorry that I didn't take a photo of the finished result, but the lighting was awful and I had to quickly run out of the door. What is your daily makeup routine? Notify me in the comments so that I can have a little nosey!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

More Jessie

Hey guys!

I used to have a Tumblr account a while ago, but I decided to neglect that one and create a new one which I could link in with this current blog. 

There isn't much on this account at the moment as I have just created it, but if you guys would like to check it out or as me any questions go ahead and click on the image! It would be much appreciated :).

Where can I find your Tumblr accounts?