Thursday, 14 February 2013

New to this..

Hi I'm Jess, my birth name is Jessica but I prefer Jess so much more!

I am new to the whole 'writing blogs', so it could take me some time to figure this thing out!

I like to go shopping, party and spend time with my friends. My favourite food at the moment is Chinese food, and I could live off it, its that good!

I live in a quiet little town called Kendal, and this is in the Lake District in Cumbria :).
Not many people know about the town, so its okay if you don't either!

I am currently studying for my A-Levels, and then hopefully next September I hope to move to Manchester Metropolitan University and study Philosophy as a career to teach in the future!

I am looking forward to Kendal Calling in the summer and also Turkey with my family as my last family holiday :(. Next year I look forward to MALIAAAA as my first girls holiday!

Anyway I will leave my first post there, and if your reading this, thank you for reading!