Sunday, 14 June 2015


I have always had the opinion that a bold, red lip did not suit me, so for a long time I have put it off and always chosen to wear the darker purples if I was going to an occasion or somewhere more special. 

Spending the majority of my time around the MAC counter in Selfridges, I came to the conclusion that it was about time to ditch the dark purples for a while, and invest in a dark red lip colour. I was quite fussy however when I had to choose. This is because I didn't want to settle for a bright red lipstick, but instead a darker 'vintage vamp' type of colour. This is because I wear a lot of dark gold colours on my eyelids and I thought it may look better.

I picked up 'Diva', when I accidentally found myself standing at the MAC counter one afternoon. My flat mate wanted to start her own palette, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to question the beauty guru's and see what colour would suit me best.

'Diva' is a very dark red colour, and comes off the bullet as a matte finish. I prefer matte finish lipsticks as they seem to last longer on the lip, and even when they begin to fade they always leave a stain which I also believe to look quite flattering.

Trust me when I say you do not need a lot of this product at once. I made the mistake of applying a little too much the first time that I wore it, and it just got everywhere. I advise to use a lip brush at first for precision purposes, and then go in with the bullet itself to deepen the colour if you wish. The colour ended up staying on all night, no matter how many drinks I had or what I had to eat. I wore this colour with a gold eye look, and even though some may say that it's either 'lips or eye' I thought the look went really well! Definitely one of my statement lipsticks in my collection I would say.

The online link to 'Diva' can be found HERE, and the lipstick retails for a price of £15.50 which is definitely worth it!

What bold lip colours are you loving at the moment?

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Since Kylie Jenner made an appearance with her fabulous lips, everyone wants one of those 'nude' lipliners to copy her looks.

I made my way to Selfridges in search of a lipliner that I could wear everyday, underneath different lipsticks just to enhance my natural lip line. I myself have been blessed with quite full lips (thanks momma!) so I never had the intention of making them look overly big, I just wanted a more prominent lip line underneath my lipstick.

When I got to the MAC counter, there wasn't a nude lipliner that caught my eye. Dervish was the closest to a natural nude that I could find, with a slight pink undertone to it. I wear it underneath any lip colour because of the basic colour that it is. 

Dervish is extremely loved as you can tell! I honestly wear this near enough every single day- unless I'm having a makeup free day that is. The lipliner itself is a soft nude with undertones of pink and a tiny bit of brown. It has quite a velvet finish, with a little shimmer being added to it. Originally I wanted a matte lipliner, as I thought that it may stay on better. However, this lipliner doesn't seem to want to budge underneath the lip colour that you may be wearing. 

It also doesn't change the colour of your lipstick either which is a benefit, as I thought that because I wear it with so many different lip colours that it would have an impact on them but it doesn't.

The lipliner retails at a price of £12.50 and you can obviously buy it online or from a counter. The online link is HERE.

What lipliner/lipliners are you liking at the moment?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Photograph can be found HERE
When I submitted my university application last year, I knew exactly what I was going to be letting myself in for... And it was not within my comfort zone. 

Being a sufferer of depression and anxiety, the thought of branching out and going to university absolutely terrified me. I did not like the thought of moving away from my family, friends and small town into a city which I didn't know my way around, to be thrown into living with people that I did not know. Thinking of this led me to suffer more frequent panic attacks, and shutting myself away from everyone and everything. 

However, I was not giving up. University was what I wanted to do in order to achieve my dream.

Now that I have been at university for 9 months and being so, so close to finishing my first year, I would not have changed it for anything. I have made the most amazing friends whilst being here, created some of the most incredible memories, and if anything eased of those dark thoughts of depression. I have also had less frequent anxiety attacks and learnt to become a little bit more independent.

If you are going to university this September, and you too suffer from depression or anxiety, my advice is that you should not worry. Everything will fall into place, and find a way to make your university adventure absolutely amazing and special. Also, remember that each university offers support and guidance if you ever need it, so you will never be alone. And remember, make the most of everything.