Sunday, 8 February 2015


Eyeshadows are my ultimate love in the world of makeup. I adore the different shades, formulas, types, brands... In fact anything I can get my hand on. And then I discovered MAC eyeshadows and I fell much more in love than I already was. 

I decided to create my own custom palette because that way I could choose the colours that I wanted, and know that I would 100% use them all. Don't get me wrong, the palette isn't cheap to put together but I would definitely say that it is worth it, and it gives you something to collect and put together yourself over a period of time. 

(I also own Satin Taupe but I still need to de-pan that one!)
These are the colours that I have accumulated over the past couple of months- and I love them all. All That Glitters must be the most used in the palette purely because I put this all over the lid before applying another colour to the crease. You can wear All That Glitters on it's own or as part of a dramatic eye for a night out, which is what I often do. Brun is my newest to the collection, but I didn't set out to buy this one. Cranberry was what I was hoping for, but unfortunately they didn't have it in stock at the counter so I will have to make sure to purchase it next time I visit! 

Do any of you guys have a custom MAC eyeshadow palette? What shade do you recommend me buying next?

Thursday, 5 February 2015


MAC has always been one of my favourite make-up brands, and over the past few months I have seriously been obsessing over which product to buy next... So how can you go wrong with purchasing another lipstick?

Originally, when I walked over to the MAC counter it wasn't in my intentions to purchase this lipstick. I had my heart set on 'Twig', but when I went over to pay they didn't have that in stock. Instead, I was brought over 'Craving' and I instantly fell in love. 

The lipstick is like a red but it has a more pink undertone, which means you can wear this for either day time or night time. I like to wear this in a day time, but wear a lipliner underneath it if I am going to wear this on a night out as such.

This lipstick also has a satin finish. This means that it looks super shiny on the lips and doesn't leave them feeling dry if you keep on reapplying it. Although I do love the matte lipsticks from MAC, this just seems so much more moisturising and more satisfying to wear.

For £15.50 I don't think you can go wrong. The colour is super pigmented and it lasts forever on the lips... Even through eating and drinking!