Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lets Enter 2014 With A Bang

Hello everyone!

It makes me extremely sad to think that this year is over, and it makes me even more sad that I am working New Years Eve night! As I work in a pub, I have been roped into 'glass collecting' and serving the buffet, for all of the individuals who will be a little bit too merry, and may find it difficult to stand on two feet. 

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I always find New Years Eve special, as I find it the end of an era; like closing a book in a series and beginning to read the sequel. I love the fact that New Years Day is a fresh day of a completely new year, which is the door to so many more opportunities and amazing adventures for us all to take part in. 

So, whilst I am shuffling through the busy crowds of people, collecting glasses and feeling sorry for myself, I hope you all have an AMAZING New Years Eve, and get super super merry either by drinking too much alcohol, or eating too much food (if you are underage). 

What do you like to do on New Years Eve?

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lush | Dragon's Egg Review

Hello my little buttercups, I bring you a review! Yes you read that right, a review. Something which I haven't done in a while, and something that needs to be improved upon! 

For Christmas I received a few products from Lush, as I had always wanted to try them out. Seeing as though I had been at work all day, I thought that I would treat myself to some 'pamper' time and use one of my bath bombs!

Image taken from Lush 

After running myself a lovely hot bath, I popped the bath bomb into the tub and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Oh my goodness. Words cannot describe how amazing the smell is. The smell description of the Dragon's Egg claims to be 'jasmine and lemon', and my gosh did it smell like that! The whole bathroom was full of the smell and I was definitely in my element.

Secondly, I just expected the colour of my bath to stay the same but appear a little musky, but when I wasn't looking, the bath bomb must have opened and my water was ORANGE. It also had tiny flecks of gold in the water as well, which made me super excited to get into the bath.

Some people may think that bath bombs cause some irritation on the skin, and because my skin is sensitive I thought that this may happen. Actually, my skin feels amazing and smells just like my bathroom did! I also didn't need to apply a body lotion as the bath bomb was full of moisture after I had used it.

If you haven't tried this bath bomb, I seriously recommend that you do, and as a first time 'Lusher' I am definitely hooked!

What Lush products do you recommend?  

Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Laptop

Hello everyone!

I am finally back after being away from the blogging world for what seems forever, but I promise that I will never be away for that amount of time again as I have a new laptop!

Today I ventured to Manchester with my gran, and I purchased a Macbook Pro. I am so so happy at the fact that I can continue to blog as often as a please, and that I will never be away from you guys for so long again. Seriously, it feels as though I have had a blogging shaped hole in my heart since I haven't had a laptop, but everything is changing.

I promise to post more and more, and I may even be featuring a 'giveaway' for you guys in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Reflecting On Life

Tonight I have a bit of a reflective post for you guys. This is because it is coming to the end of an amazing year, and I have done so much stuff which I feel as though I need to reflect upon. 

We make a life by what we give.
Image from Pinterest 

Launch of 'Jessie'

The launch of 'Jessie' was made this year, and I honestly can't see my life without writing my blog. I love writing things which may be useful to you guys, or just to inform you what I have been up to recently and the places that I have visited.

I Attended My First Festival

I attended Kendal Calling with all of my friends this year, giving me some independence. I loved that weekend so so much even though the weather was a bit meh :(. The atmosphere was unimaginable and I definitely will be attending next years festival in the fields!

Last Family Holiday of The Year

Seeing as though I am going to university next September, and my school will not let me take any time off during term time, my family decided to venture to Turkey for our last family holiday for a while. The weather was so hot, and it really was memorable. It was lovely to have us all together away from our home town, and experience something we never have before. 

I Made It Into My Second Year of Sixth Form

Unlike a few people in my year, I was one of the lucky individuals who passed their AS exams and made it into my second year of sixth form. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I had been asked to leave, as my whole future is depending on my school studies, and I would be completely lost.

I Became A Senior Student

In your last year of sixth form, your fellow peers and teachers nominate who they believe will be good role models for the schools, and I was lucky enough to be nominated. I love the job of being a senior student, as I get to participate in making the school a better place, and making decisions for the sixth form as a whole. I also get to do fun stuff like arranging the ball and trips for us all to go on.

I Received Prizes At School

At or annual Prizegiving, I received 2 prizes. One for my work and one for overall attainment at school. This was a hug achievement for me, as I never feel as though I am recognised for my work etc. and this just proved that everyone is recognised in their own way.

I Found New Interests

I also found new interests this year, such as blogging and getting back into playing my flute. I really wish I hadn't given up playing the flute last year, as I completely forgot how much I loved playing it. I am also glad that I found blogging, and I wouldn't give up my blog for the world.

I Became Closer To Some Amazing People

Me and my mum have always had our rough patches, but this year has proven how close a mother and daughter bond can be. We truly are inseparable! I have also become closer to some people wgho have blogs of their own such as Linsey from Red Velvet Kiss, Amee from Amee and Lauren from Destroy After Reading. These people have shown me how fun life is, and have made me look at life from a different view point. 

Everything Started To Get Better

I don't want to get into it too much, but after having a pretty rough few years, everything started to get better. Being around great people and my family have made it so much easier to overcome those years, and to start looking forward rather than backwards.

I Got Offers From My Top Universities

This bit is sooooooo exciting! I got offers back from the universities that I most wanted to go to, with great entry requirements too! I have never been so happy receiving an email before. 

So there we have it guys, my highlights from this past year. I know that the post is pretty long, but I couldn't not share these with you guys.

What have been your highlights this year? If you do a post, please make sure to tag me in it so that I can have a cheeky little nosy!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sentimental Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well. I recently stumbled across a website called 'NotOnTheHighstreet', and it is full of cute little sentimental gifts that you can get loved ones if you are struggling for ideas.

I think that these are such beautiful gifts, that anybody would be pleased with if they received this. The prices are not too badly priced either, ranging from £10+. There are so many different ones to choose from and they all seem amazing!

What ideas do you guys have?

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Hello everyone. 

This must be a miracle. I am keeping up with my blogging! I promise you though, as soon as my new laptop arrives I will be able to blog more often, maybe near enough every day. Exciting!

So I bring with me today a Christmas Wishlist. I haven't done one of these before, so I thought that I would give it a go and show you all what I am dreaaaaming of this year for Christmas. Whether I receive them or not is a different story, but it is always nice to wish!

From left to right

I know my wishlist is limited, but right now I can't think of anything else that I would like! I am pretty sure that there are other things, and they will probably spring to mind during the day but that is all for now!

What is your Christmas Wishlist?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Things To Do Before Christmas Day Arrives

Hello lovely readers. I am back, and I bring along with me a useful blogpost of things to do in the running up to Christmas. Do I find these things useful? Yes I do!

Revelation!!! all my life I though the lyrics were 'in the land, snow is glistening' oopth!
Image from Pinterest

So basically, in the running up to Christmas, my family go absolutely bonkers for sorting out the house, and making sure that there is enough room for all of the new encounters on Christmas Day. Here are the things that I and my family do before Christmas Day, and hopefully you may find them useful as well.

Making A List

Making a list is probably one of the best things to do before beginning the task. Why, you may ask? Because this includes everything that you need to complete, and so that you don't need to try and remember anything during the process. Included in the list should be the steps that you are going to take, your aims and when you will do this. 

Deciding What You Will Buy For Everyone's Christmas Presents

This makes a heck of a lot of difference. Trust me. I used to spend the majority of my time dawdling around in shops, hopelessly looking for presents for my family and friends. Ever since I decided to think of what I was going to purchase before the time is right, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. No more dawdling around shops, ohhh no, straight to the right section and BAM! The present has been purchased.

Have A Massive Clear Out

Go on. Have a massive clear out before you gain extra bits and bobs that will fill up space that has previously been filled up 4 years before. Dig right on under your bed and pull out the old knitted sweaters that you never liked, or full notepads that are from when you were in year 7 with, "I <3 ??" written allover the front. It is time for a clear out and this will do you the world of good. You will have extra space that you didn't know existed, and I bet you find things you never knew you had! 

Do Some Rearranging

I bet you, that you have lipsticks in different handbags, perfumes in different drawers and clothes on your bedroom floor. Do some rearranging! Organise your lipsticks into a pot, tidy up your wardrobe and put your perfumes on a shelf for you to easily grab. When it comes to Christmas Day and your about to put away all of your presents, you want to be able to put them away without thinking where to put them. 

Get Your Wrapping Over And Done With

Once you have bought all of your presents, it is best to get them wrapped before the massive rush. There is nothing worse than going to work on Christmas eve, coming back and trying to wrap your presents whilst dodging the turkey and brussell sprouts, just to get your jobs done! Once they're done, they're done!

There we are guys. Here are a few useful tips to carry out before Christmas Day arrives. I hope you find them useful!

What do you do before Christmas Day arrives?