Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Is In My Make-Up Bag?

For me, a good make-up bag is a girls best friend, so I thought I would share with you all what is currently in my makeup bag!

Make-up bag- Next
I recently purchased this make-up bag as my other one became very dirty, and it proved to be difficult to wash. Seeing as though I was in Next shopping for Sixth Form clothes, I came across this make-up bag and instantly fell in love. Purple is my favourite colour, and I thought that the little butterfly on the top added the finishing touch without it looking too much.

From left to right:
Real Techniques Blusher Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Real Techniques Shading Brush
Avon Powder Brush
Paddle Eye Shadow Brush
Angled Brush
When applying make-up, I always like to apply mine with a brush. Some people prefer to use their hands and fingers when doing this however, I think using a brush adds precision and gives the make-up a better finish. I am a big fan of the Real Techniques brushes, and I do like to add more to my collection whenever I can. What are your favourite make-up brushes?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory
 Second in my make-up bag is my foundation. This Rimmel foundation is my all-time favourite drugstore foundation. This is because it gives an even coverage and it illuminates the face, making it look fabulous in photographs!
Max Factor Wild Mega Mascara & Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara both in Black
 In a recent post, I noted that I am quite a skeptic when it comes to mascaras however, these 2 mascaras are the best mascaras I have ever used. The 'Day 2 Night' mascara gives a false eyelashes look, whilst the 'Wild Mega' mascara gives the volume. These are definitely 2 mascaras which I will be purchasing again.
No7 Duo Bronzer
I got this bronzer as part of a gift set for Christmas last year. I have never usually thought to use ronzer in my daily make-up, and it can be quite scary as sometimes it is quite difficult to determine how much is going to be applied to the face, and how much bronzer is actually going to come off the palette. I found this bronzer was very easy to apply, and not a lot came off the palette, making it very easy to use.

Eyelash Curlers
 I always carry a pair of eyelash curlers in my make-up bag, as I always use them. I curl my eyelashes because I think it makes the mascara sit better on the eyelashes and it always adds a simple finishing tough. It also makes the eyelashes look longer, so if your like me and suffer from short eyelashes, I would go and purchase yourself a pair if you don't already have them, and give them a go!

No7 Eye shadow in Starry Lights
 I always use a base eyes hadow even if I am not performing a smokey eye, or going for the no eye liner look. This is simply because I get very oily eyelids, so I have to use an eye shadow all of the time, to ensure that my foundation on my eyelids doesn't slide. This eye shadow has a gold undertone, so it looks beautiful on its own, but it also looks gorgeous as a base for a smokey eye too.

Natural Collection Eye Shadow Duo in Mocha/Latte
As you can see, this eye shadow palette is very well loved. I use the Mocha colour on my eye brows as it is the perfect colour for me, and I use the Latte colour as a highlighter on top of my brow bone. Even though I don't use it for its use, I do sometimes use the Mocha colour in my eyelid crease for a bit of shadowing, when I decide to do a smokey eye. I also sometimes use the Latte colour as a base eye shadow if I am wanting to go for a 'Plain Jane' kind of day.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh
 I am the proud owner of 2 Baby Lips lip balms, and since the day I bought them, I have never looked back. These are my favourite lip balms in the whole entire world. Even though I don't have a lipstick in my make-up bag at the moment, this is because I am trying to nourish my lips as they can become quite dry from using a lipstick so often, so I am having a break! My lips feel so much nicer and the smell and taste is delicious! Totally recommend.

Max Factor Creme Blush in Soft Copper
 I have been loving creme blushers at the moment as they are so much more pigmented than powder blushers. Creme blushers also last longer and they can be used much more precisely and go where you put them without them budging throughout the day.

Natural Collection Loose Powder in Translucent
 I always use a powder to seal my foundation and other make-up, and because I use so much of it, I found I was buying so much and spending so much money on this product. After discovering Natural Collection did loose powder, I made sure that I bought a couple for the same price as buying a high end powder. I always buy my powders in Translucent as well. This is so no other colour is added to my face, and it doesn't make me look 'orange' after completing my make-up for the day.

Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
 I love a good concealer, and I always put it on top of my foundation. I apply it under my eyes, on my brow bone, on the bridge of my nose, around my nose, on my chin and on any other blemishes I have at the time. This concealer is nice and creamy and is of a nice consistency. I love the applicator as it makes it easy to apply, and it doesn't budge throughout the day.
MAC Kohl Eyeliner and Avon Color Trend Kohl Eyeliner both in Black
 I use black eyeliner in the corners of my eyes and to line the lash line, making it appear thicker than it is. The MAC eyeliner isn't as pigmented as the Avon one, but this can be nice if you do not want such a harsh look.
Natural Collection Kohl Eyeliner in White
 I use white eyeliner on the waterline of my eye sometimes to make my eye appear bigger and wider than it is. I also use it on the tear duct corner to add a bit of brightness to the inside of my eye. I didn't believe that it would truly work until I tried it out, and I found that I was wrong and it definitely does!
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
 I don't often use my eyebrow pencil anymore, but if there isn't a part of my eyebrow which doesn't take to the powder, then I will fill it in with a pencil. I like the little brush on the end as it blends the powder into the eyebrow hairs, giving it that natural look.

Standard Angled Tweezers
I always carry tweezers around as you can never tell when you are going to need them!

I hope giving you an insight to my make-up bag gives you some ideas of your own, and if you choose to do a 'What Is In My Make-Up Bag?' then tag me as I would love to have a nosey!

Ciao for now!


  1. Have you tried the real techniques expert face brush? Its amazing for foundation! I love rimmel wake me up too!
    Becky xx

    1. I haven't tried that brush yet, but I will make sure that I purchase it next to give it a try! Rimmel wake me up is by far THE best foundation I have used so far.. I love it!

      Jess xx

  2. I bought Baby Lips only on Monday and I fell in love, haha. I bought the cherry one and as I started using it, I wanted to go to the store and buy all of them and discover all of their yummy scents :)

    1. I absolutely adore them! I had been looking for a decent lip balm for a while so when I came across them it was like a little god send haha :). I have the cherry one and its fab. If your looking for another good scented one I do recommend the mint one, and it also has a slight minty taste!

      Jess xx