Tuesday, 2 September 2014

University: It Is All Starting To Get Too Real

So when I picked up my A-Level results on 14th August, I never thought time would go as quick as it has done. I thought that time would slow down as moving to university approached, and the apprehension I had/have would go away. But when thinking about moving to university in around 3 weeks, I still have that same apprehension and I do not feel prepared about going. I even thought about differing and taking a year out, but then I realised that knowing me I would never end up going to university and it would have been one big waste of my hard work that I have put in. 

During worrying about moving to university and whether or not I would enjoy my time there, I began to gather some pieces for the flat I will be living in, and for my new room. I don't think that I have got enough things for university, but there have been people that I have been speaking to and they haven't bought anything at all! I have done a lot of research of the different things that I should be buying, but this confused me a lot so I put lists together myself and with the help of my family I have managed to acquire a few different bits.

My mum decided to take on the roll of buying me things for the kitchen at university. Even though there will be appliances etc. in my hall, my mum wanted to make sure that I didn't starve so thought it would be a good idea to purchase some foods which would last for a few months. She knows I am a lover of mayonnaise and pasta so she made sure to buy those for me, and she also bought me tea towels, sugar, tea bags and scissors (I added the shot glasses ha!). There are still some things that I need to buy such as spatulas and things, but I can get them cheap at ASDA. I think my flat has crockery etc. so I will need to make sure before I buy something that I don't end up needing.

Of course I will do my own food shopping whilst I am there, and I won't be relying on my mum or anything to help me do so. I am beginning to learn to have independence on these types of things, but the one thing I need to learn is how to cook! I can cook the simplest of meals but there is a barrier between me and the more complex of meals, so this is something I will be asking my mum for help on! 

Oh good old stationary. I feel as though I have been buying stationary for the past 14 years of life none-stop, and I probably will be buying even more of it over the next 4 years! So far I have bought a notebook and a pack of pens. I know that I will need a lot more stationary but I just don't know what to buy! I am definitely a writer and I love to take down as many notes that I can, but I just can't think of what to gather and take with me to university. I also ended up buying a Filofax. Some people may see this as something 'old people' buy to organise their extremely busy lives, but I looked at the content of them and they look so so useful. Inside you can swap and change where everything is, buy new things to put inside, there is a timetable section, an academic diary section alongside a standard 2014 diary, to-do lists and a lot more! I highly recommend one of these if you are venturing to university, because they will be so handy when you rock up to your lectures and have to take down important dates.

Many people I have spoken to are like "well can't you just buy it down there?", and that is a true point but I don't want to put that burden on myself when I will have books etc. to buy. I would rather buy the necessities up here at home, so that I am prepared for the 'Big Move' and breaking away from home. 

Decorations Etc.
This is something I am seriously lacking on. I have bought a vintage style cereal tin and 3 other tins which match together. I have no idea what I am going to use these for- probably not for their purposes but to store random objects and keep my room looking less untidy. I bought them because they looked pretty, and not because I had an idea of what I could use them for. As for the cereal tin, it is unlikely that I will be eating cereal at university so that probably won't have cereal stored in it, but something else like tampons or something shoved in the corner of my room or in the bottom of a draw haha. I want to get some fairy lights because they are cute and who doesn't enjoy fairy lights at night?! 

I have left my nan in charge of this job. Actually she chose to take on this roll, but I think this is down to her love for cleaning and organisation. She loves to buy things for personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies so I gave her the pleasure of stocking up on those for me. I know so far she has bought bleach, toothbrushes, toothpaste, flash, and towels, but I don't know if she has added anything else to the collection as of yet. I know it is only university and I am in halls for a year, but I want to make my bathroom look pretty also. I want to buy bright colourful things to store in there to make it look snazzy and less boring and white.

University Facebook Pages
When I found that my offer at Manchester Metropolitan University had turned to unconditional, I realised that a lot of freshers pages and MMU pages had sent me friends requests. Once I had, had a little nosey at the page I saw that there were little individual ones for the different halls of residents. Having these pages over summer has made life so much easier. I joined the Victoria Hall page and started speaking to a lot of other people who will be in that accommodation too. They all seem so lovely and genuine that it has put my nerves aside for meeting the people at university. Even though I do not know who is in my flat, many members of the group have been so talkative so it doesn't worry me too much (touch wood!).

I also managed to land myself a job at university through Facebook pages, as a club representative and promoter. This excites me because it is completely out of my comfort zone and the job that I do at home. It doesn't stop me from being excited though!

So there we have it! Less than 3 weeks to go is getting even more scarier by the day. Are you going to university? What have you bought so far?

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