Thursday, 5 March 2015


We all like a good foundation that will give us sufficient coverage when and where we need it, and that will last quite a long time without having to use so much at once.

Using drug store foundations, I had never really tried a high end foundation apart from Estee Lauder so when I contemplated buying the MAC Studio Fix Fluid I thought I may as well give it a go.

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this foundation. Some said to me that it was the best foundation they have ever tried because it gives a solid coverage and doesn't budge, but others stated that it it broke them out with awful blemishes and made their skin feel to clogged up.

For me, this foundation gives the right amount of coverage I look for when I am purchasing a foundation. I always look for a foundation which gives me enough coverage so that I don't need to apply a lot of concealer on any blemishes that I have, and just stick to concealer for highlighting purposes. 

I use the shade NC15 which I guessed is for paler people as this is pretty light! It doesn't provide flashback when taking photo's, and not a lot of powder is needed when setting the foundation. I personally do not think it looks cakey whatsoever. If I am using this foundation throughout the day, then I will not use too much and work it into the skin so it looks a lot more natural. If I want to use this foundation for a night out or an event, then I will use a little bit more than I would throughout the day, but still work it into the skin so it blends in. 

This foundation cost me £21.50 and you can buy it HERE.

If you are not too sure which colour you may be, I recommend visiting a store which sells MAC e.g. Selfridges, and have your skin colour matched up to a foundation. 

What do you think of MAC foundations? 


  1. Cheeky appearance from me in the top picture, love reading your blogposts since you've left for uni, seeing things you purchased. Miss youuuuu xx

    1. Haha of course! I had a read of your February favourites- keeping on top of things us! Miss you xx