Saturday, 13 June 2015


Since Kylie Jenner made an appearance with her fabulous lips, everyone wants one of those 'nude' lipliners to copy her looks.

I made my way to Selfridges in search of a lipliner that I could wear everyday, underneath different lipsticks just to enhance my natural lip line. I myself have been blessed with quite full lips (thanks momma!) so I never had the intention of making them look overly big, I just wanted a more prominent lip line underneath my lipstick.

When I got to the MAC counter, there wasn't a nude lipliner that caught my eye. Dervish was the closest to a natural nude that I could find, with a slight pink undertone to it. I wear it underneath any lip colour because of the basic colour that it is. 

Dervish is extremely loved as you can tell! I honestly wear this near enough every single day- unless I'm having a makeup free day that is. The lipliner itself is a soft nude with undertones of pink and a tiny bit of brown. It has quite a velvet finish, with a little shimmer being added to it. Originally I wanted a matte lipliner, as I thought that it may stay on better. However, this lipliner doesn't seem to want to budge underneath the lip colour that you may be wearing. 

It also doesn't change the colour of your lipstick either which is a benefit, as I thought that because I wear it with so many different lip colours that it would have an impact on them but it doesn't.

The lipliner retails at a price of £12.50 and you can obviously buy it online or from a counter. The online link is HERE.

What lipliner/lipliners are you liking at the moment?

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