Tuesday, 2 June 2015


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When I submitted my university application last year, I knew exactly what I was going to be letting myself in for... And it was not within my comfort zone. 

Being a sufferer of depression and anxiety, the thought of branching out and going to university absolutely terrified me. I did not like the thought of moving away from my family, friends and small town into a city which I didn't know my way around, to be thrown into living with people that I did not know. Thinking of this led me to suffer more frequent panic attacks, and shutting myself away from everyone and everything. 

However, I was not giving up. University was what I wanted to do in order to achieve my dream.

Now that I have been at university for 9 months and being so, so close to finishing my first year, I would not have changed it for anything. I have made the most amazing friends whilst being here, created some of the most incredible memories, and if anything eased of those dark thoughts of depression. I have also had less frequent anxiety attacks and learnt to become a little bit more independent.

If you are going to university this September, and you too suffer from depression or anxiety, my advice is that you should not worry. Everything will fall into place, and find a way to make your university adventure absolutely amazing and special. Also, remember that each university offers support and guidance if you ever need it, so you will never be alone. And remember, make the most of everything. 

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