Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lush | Dragon's Egg Review

Hello my little buttercups, I bring you a review! Yes you read that right, a review. Something which I haven't done in a while, and something that needs to be improved upon! 

For Christmas I received a few products from Lush, as I had always wanted to try them out. Seeing as though I had been at work all day, I thought that I would treat myself to some 'pamper' time and use one of my bath bombs!

Image taken from Lush 

After running myself a lovely hot bath, I popped the bath bomb into the tub and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Oh my goodness. Words cannot describe how amazing the smell is. The smell description of the Dragon's Egg claims to be 'jasmine and lemon', and my gosh did it smell like that! The whole bathroom was full of the smell and I was definitely in my element.

Secondly, I just expected the colour of my bath to stay the same but appear a little musky, but when I wasn't looking, the bath bomb must have opened and my water was ORANGE. It also had tiny flecks of gold in the water as well, which made me super excited to get into the bath.

Some people may think that bath bombs cause some irritation on the skin, and because my skin is sensitive I thought that this may happen. Actually, my skin feels amazing and smells just like my bathroom did! I also didn't need to apply a body lotion as the bath bomb was full of moisture after I had used it.

If you haven't tried this bath bomb, I seriously recommend that you do, and as a first time 'Lusher' I am definitely hooked!

What Lush products do you recommend?  

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