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Things To Do Before Christmas Day Arrives

Hello lovely readers. I am back, and I bring along with me a useful blogpost of things to do in the running up to Christmas. Do I find these things useful? Yes I do!

Revelation!!! all my life I though the lyrics were 'in the land, snow is glistening' oopth!
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So basically, in the running up to Christmas, my family go absolutely bonkers for sorting out the house, and making sure that there is enough room for all of the new encounters on Christmas Day. Here are the things that I and my family do before Christmas Day, and hopefully you may find them useful as well.

Making A List

Making a list is probably one of the best things to do before beginning the task. Why, you may ask? Because this includes everything that you need to complete, and so that you don't need to try and remember anything during the process. Included in the list should be the steps that you are going to take, your aims and when you will do this. 

Deciding What You Will Buy For Everyone's Christmas Presents

This makes a heck of a lot of difference. Trust me. I used to spend the majority of my time dawdling around in shops, hopelessly looking for presents for my family and friends. Ever since I decided to think of what I was going to purchase before the time is right, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. No more dawdling around shops, ohhh no, straight to the right section and BAM! The present has been purchased.

Have A Massive Clear Out

Go on. Have a massive clear out before you gain extra bits and bobs that will fill up space that has previously been filled up 4 years before. Dig right on under your bed and pull out the old knitted sweaters that you never liked, or full notepads that are from when you were in year 7 with, "I <3 ??" written allover the front. It is time for a clear out and this will do you the world of good. You will have extra space that you didn't know existed, and I bet you find things you never knew you had! 

Do Some Rearranging

I bet you, that you have lipsticks in different handbags, perfumes in different drawers and clothes on your bedroom floor. Do some rearranging! Organise your lipsticks into a pot, tidy up your wardrobe and put your perfumes on a shelf for you to easily grab. When it comes to Christmas Day and your about to put away all of your presents, you want to be able to put them away without thinking where to put them. 

Get Your Wrapping Over And Done With

Once you have bought all of your presents, it is best to get them wrapped before the massive rush. There is nothing worse than going to work on Christmas eve, coming back and trying to wrap your presents whilst dodging the turkey and brussell sprouts, just to get your jobs done! Once they're done, they're done!

There we are guys. Here are a few useful tips to carry out before Christmas Day arrives. I hope you find them useful!

What do you do before Christmas Day arrives?

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