Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lets Enter 2014 With A Bang

Hello everyone!

It makes me extremely sad to think that this year is over, and it makes me even more sad that I am working New Years Eve night! As I work in a pub, I have been roped into 'glass collecting' and serving the buffet, for all of the individuals who will be a little bit too merry, and may find it difficult to stand on two feet. 

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I always find New Years Eve special, as I find it the end of an era; like closing a book in a series and beginning to read the sequel. I love the fact that New Years Day is a fresh day of a completely new year, which is the door to so many more opportunities and amazing adventures for us all to take part in. 

So, whilst I am shuffling through the busy crowds of people, collecting glasses and feeling sorry for myself, I hope you all have an AMAZING New Years Eve, and get super super merry either by drinking too much alcohol, or eating too much food (if you are underage). 

What do you like to do on New Years Eve?

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