Sunday, 20 April 2014

Week In Photo's | #1

I wasn't planning to put this post up so late today, but as I have been at work I could not get it up sooner. But anyway, here it is!

I am always up for writing new blog posts and after seeing this on so many of my favourite blogs, I decided to give it a go myself. This guys, is my week in photos: the beginning.

As it is the easter holidays for me, I thought that this week would have been full with revision and getting all that nasty coursework done and dusted. But nope. I treat this week like a holiday because I thought that I deserved to have some time off after what seemed forever. It wasn't an interesting week- just the standard, but I did enjoy chilling out and taking a break.

Monday was the day where I began to feel ill and under the weather, and little did I know that I was going to come down with tonsillitis again for the 6th time. I spent the day lounging around, tidying my room, finishing off little bits that needed doing and watching The Cat in the Hat with my little brother and sister. It was also a Monday, and me and Monday's do not really like each other very much!

Tuesday was an amazing day. The sun was out, it was quite warm (well for England!) so I thought that I would pull myself together and get out for a few hours. I went into town and bought some new face powder that I desperately needed and also tried out the new patisserie that has just opened in town. As it is new it wasn't very busy, so I thought that I would see what the price range was like and get myself a tea to take out. The tea was lovely and I will be making sure that I go there again. 

Wednesday was a very productive day. My mission for a while was to sort out my 'Narnia' wardrobe, and throw away all of the clothes that no longer fit, that I do not wear or have seen better days. I resulted in throwing out a black bin liner full of clothing, bags and fluffy socks (I have an obsession) and I felt so so much better! I had to call in the help of my nan because she is amazing at sorting out bits and bobs, and she always knows the right thing to do and say!

On Thursday my Grandad came up from Rugby to see us as we do not see him very often, and we had coffee's and chatted for a few hours. This picture is a sneak-peak of the embroidery on my ball dress, which I will be doing a post on, on around the 24th/25th May as my ball is on the 23rd. I was so excited to show my Grandad my ball dress, and it was lovely to see him as I do not get to see him very often at all. 

I thought that on Friday I would try and make this a productive day and get some essays out of the way for Philosophy. Even though I thought that this was going to be a productive day, it really wasn't. This picture shows me trying to write an essay on God's nature and attributes, and whether it is fair for him to reward the good and punish the wicked if he see's everything. I found that this was extremely hard to write, and because it was a beautiful day I spent too much time lounging in the sun than actually typing up some paragraphs. 

Saturday resulted in me working 12:00pm-9:00pm. I only really work 4 hours on a Saturday and the same on a Sunday, but because my friend was at a wedding I covered her shift. The day dragged and I was very tired by the time that I had finished. After I had finished my shift, showered and got comfy, I looked at my perfume collection and thought that I needed a good clear out. I sorted out the empty perfumes (however I am guilty of keeping a few bottles which are pretty!!!) and put my good bottles at the back and my everyday perfumes at the front,- just so that they are easy to grab. I then got an early night, ready for an early start the next morning. 

Today I had work again at 12:00pm-4:00pm however, I got to work at 11:00am as I knew that I had cutlery to wrap and tables to lay before the lunch punters came into the pub for meals, drinks and football. I was glad though that I was only working a 4 hours shift because my feet hurt a lot from the day before, and I just wanted to relax. After this I got home and began to start my philosophy revision which didn't go to well. It is the last year of my A-Levels and I need some serious motivation because I need to pass these for university!

So that was my week! What have you guys been up to this week? Have you been revising for exams?


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