Monday, 5 May 2014

LUSH | Ickle Baby Bot

Hello guys!

So I took a trip to Manchester last Wednesday, and of course I had to make a trip into the beloved LUSH shop.

For christmas, I bought my friend the 'Ickle Baby Bot' and even though it states it is for babies, I couldn't resist going back to Manchester and buying one for myself.

I deeply love anything with a lavender scent, and when I put this into the bath this is what I could smell straight away. If it is good enough for  baby, then it sure is good enough for me! My water turned a slight blue colour which captured all of the lavender smell and placed it right on my skin. Like I find with all LUSH products, I never have to use a moisturiser because they moisturise my skin enough.

This product also guaranteed a good nights sleep, and with the the help if the lavender in the product this was done. The following day I could still smell the lavender on my skin, but it did wear off throughout the day. I didn't mind this at all however, because I knew it was going to come off in the shower that night anyway.

At a price of £1.95 I do not think this product is expensive at all, and it is definitely worth the money. You can find this product HERE

What are your favourite LUSH products at the minute?

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