Friday, 30 May 2014

Revlon ColorStay Foundation | Combination/Oily Skin

Think it's about time I put another post up, don't you?

For ages now, I have been searching for a foundation that suits my skin type, whether it be drugstore or high-end. I suffer from combination skin, which can really ruin the way my foundation sits on my skin. I often found myself re-applying powder to my skin to mattify it, and I also found my foundation coming off my face. For my ball I wanted a good foundation that would last all night, have a low SPF for photographs and that sat nicely on my skin. This is when I discovered Revlon ColorStay Foundation. 

This foundation can be found HERE.
At first I thought that the foundation bottle was a little small and that the foundation wasn't going to last me a while, however I was shocked to find that I only needed a little bit! The foundation sat lovely on my skin, and it didn't budge throughout the whole day. Before I discovered this foundation, I used to pack on as much powder as I could to ensure that the foundation was matte the whole day. With this foundation, I didn't need to retouch my powder at all. I am so impressed with this foundation it will be a definite re-purchase! The foundation should have been £12.49, but at the moment there is a discount and I got it for £9.49... Bargain!

What foundation is your favourite at the moment?

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  1. I think foundation is one of the hardest products to get right, I have a drawer full, but always go back to my Laura Mercier one, as it works for me, but it is so damn pricey? Would love to find an alternative at a more realistic price, so will give this one a go! xx