Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Are You Going To A Festival For The First Time? | Advice

Even though I have only been to one festival, I definitely caught the festival bug which made me buy another ticket for the sell-out festival Kendal Calling this year. Last year when I ventured to Kendal Calling, I found that I did take too much, but then there was some aspects of my belongings that I really couldn't have done without. Last year, the line up was OK however I found that I didn't really know many of the artists, but this didn't matter because the atmosphere was amazing. Basement Jaxx were there alongside, Kodaline, Primal Scream, The Charlatans, I Am Kloot, Clean Bandit, Nina Nesbitt, The 1975 and lots more. There was a lot to see and do throughout the day, and the food was incredible. I took my own food and drink as well - just to save money- but I did buy things from different stands to eat as well. 

This year the line up is even better. Suede, Frank Turner, Example, Tom Odell, Clean Bandit, Miles Kane, Razorlight, Ella Eyre, Newton Faulkner and many more artists will make an appearance in the fields, and I shall make sure to go and see them all. Now for the advice!

  • Take a different phone- Even though there was a stand where you could charge your smart phone, I didn't dare risk taking my iPhone to Kendal Calling. I wasn't scared about the fact that it may lose charge, but I was worried that being the clumsy person I am, it would get broken or stolen. Therefore, I opted for taking a £10 samsung brick and it's battery life didn't budge at all throughout the whole weekend. 
  • Pick your tent wisely- Last year, 3 of us stayed in a 6 man tent. 3 of us slept in one compartment whilst we chucked our stuff in the other side of the tent to keep it out of the way. This worked wonders, and it also meant that we weren't sleeping on a camera or a pack of biscuits throughout the night. You want a tent big enough because if it rains, you don't want to be touching the sides otherwise the water will leak in and you will become drenched. Trust me, it is what happened to me last year!
  • If you are old enough, take a sufficient amount of alcohol- Alcohol at festivals can be extremely expensive, however you may come across some stands which give away shots etc. for promotion. I made sure to take enough alcohol with me to last the weekend, and I didn't even drink all of it when I was there. I wanted to make sure I had something nice and refreshing for the day e.g. cider, and then I kept spirits e.g. vodka for the night. However, make sure to take water too because you need to keep hydrated!
  • Be prepared for any type of weather- Even though we are in the summer season, it still rains and because it is a festival it is likely to rain! Make sure you take shorts etc. for the warm weather but pack wellies and rain coats for when it does end up raining. Kendal Calling was a mud slide last year, so don't be upset if your things get covered in mud because it is expected in the downpour! 
  • Pack snacks to much on throughout the festival- You don't want to come into the camping grounds with absolutely nothing to eat, because you may find that the food there is too expensive to keep buying. Last year (and this year) I packed biscuits and crisps, because it is likely that these will satisfy my hunger. I will go on to buy food from stands such as Toastie Heaven (OMG it is incredible), but I want something to keep in my tent to munch on when I need it. 
  • Take a small bag on you when going into the arena- This will ensure that you can fit your brick of a mobile, some cash, toilet wipes (the toilets get real nasty) and a camera on you. 
But mostly, remember to enjoy the festival season and make the most of it when you are there. You may even catch the festival bug like I have done!

What festivals have you been to? Do you have any additional tips?

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