Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day in the sun

Good morning :)

So my aunty decided to come up from Bury (between Manchester and Bolton) to visit us for 4 days, and because the weather was super super nice on Sunday, we arranged to visit our local beer garden and watch a band that was performing!

Here are a few photographs of the day, however seeing as though my phone decided to cut out on me, only a few photographs uploaded. Therefore I will have to put them up when my phone decides to work again!

Me & my nan <3

Me & my aunty. I miss her so much when she isn't up in Kendal <3

Me & my mums boyf'

My aunty fell in love with my Vans, so she decided to snapchat this. She wore these shoes all weekend. (Nice little bit of bleach on the right shoe eh Jess.)

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