Sunday, 18 August 2013

My First Time

As I am a HUGE fan of watching Tanya Burr, Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Pointless Blog and Jim Chapman on YouTube, I have recently come across their vlogs of 'My First Time'.

The title My First Time doesn't literally mean that I am going to write a blog post about my 'first time', but instead I am going to talk about the first happenings in my lifetime (that I can remember) :).

I must state though, due to the fact that I don't have a YouTube channel, it may be difficult at times to express my emotions about some of the things that I will be speaking about, however I will try my best. Also, it may be delayed adding photos as I have literally just decided to write this post along with help from my mum, so I haven't had the opportunity to gather photographs to accompany my 'firsts'.

Anyway *stop rambling jess* and I shall commence!

My First Word
Even though I cannot remember this time in my life as I was only a youngster, I believe from stories from my mum that my first word was 'Dada'. This is quite a tough 'first' as my biological father left my life when I was a baby, and my mum didn't meet my step-dad (who I call dad and class as my biological father) until I was 3 years old, so I don't really understand how this had any influence under this being my first word.

My First Holiday
My first holiday was to Majorca with my mum, nan, aunty and granddad. I can remember different aspects to this holiday such as riding on a shetland pony, eating icecream out of penguin pots and also being dragged back to the apartment after making a scene in the local pub we visited. Ooops! 

My First Teddy
Even though I still believed to this day that my first teddy was a Scooby Doo teddy that I was absolutely terrified of, my mum has just corrected me that my first teddy was infact a 'Forever Friends' teddy. I have no recollection of this at all, but hey! We learn something new everyday!

My First Outfit
Even though every child's first outfit is of them in a romper suit in hospital 5 minutes after they are born, I thought that I was just taken home in a romper suit too-like baby's actually are. Actually, my mum decided to be adventurous and take me home in a pair of denim dungarees and a red t-shirt! Such a cool child I was.

My First Musical Instrument
I can remember this as clear as day. My first musical instrument was a recorder that I taught myself to play it out of a little book that accompanied the recorder. It was the most plastic and flimsy recorder you could EVER imagine. I got that engrossed in playing the recorder that achieved a grade 3 in it! 

My First Naughty Moment
I cant remember this, but my mum seems to think that my first 'naughty moment' was when I turned the cooker on in my old house, and nearly set the house on fire. As it was just me and my mum who lived together by ourselves, she often had to leave me alone to play downstairs or something whilst she cleaned the upstairs or other room, so how can she blame me?! I was an only child at this point and I CLEARLY didn't like to be left alone.. haha. 

My First (Girl) Friend
My first friend that was a girl was a very small girl called Paige. We became friends in reception at our local primary school and we were inseparable. I can remember her as the girl who had BRIGHT blue plimsolls, whereas everybody else in the class room had standard 'black'. One day though she left reception and nobody knew where she had gone. It turns out she moved to Scotland.

My First (Boy) Friend
My first friend that was a boy was called Cale. He came to our primary school when we were in year 2, but he never spoke. I felt honored to be the ONLY person he spoke to, but he only whispered in my ear. I had to pass messages on for him and we went everywhere together. Then one day when his dad came back from the army, he moved back down south.

My First Sibling
Now, this is quite a hard one to write about. As I was an only child up to the age of 6, my first sibling was actually my brother and sister who are twins! I absolutely doted on them when I was a child and wanted to do everything with them. I helped my mum to feed them, dress them, bath them and watch them whilst she got ready in a morning to take me to school. When my brother got eventually diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, this gave me a bigger sense of protection over them and I would do anything for them.

My First Mobile Phone
I had always had pass-down phones from my mum and dad that didn't work when they were finished with them, but I got my first proper working phone when I was 9 years old for Christmas! I was over the moon with my new Nokia brick, and what made it EVEN better is that it lighted up orange down the sides! Like most of my phones, this definitely didn't last too long..

My First Time As A Bridesmaid
My first time as a bridesmaid was for my aunty Paula's wedding. Me and my cousin Danielle wore matching cream puffy gowns, with a purple drawstring satin bag, tiaras and our hair up in and updo with tendrils. I honestly loved that day, and I can remember during the reception me and Danielle spent the WHOLE night running away from this boy that kept chasing us, so we decided to hide under every single table we could find. The amount of times people kicked us by accident was unreal haha , but we always got apologies!

Anyway, these are the most firsts I can remember, and I shall try and put photo's up to match them soon!
Ciao for now,

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