Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Little Lip Collection

Hello lovelies. 

I have had this post brewing for a while but I couldn't find the time to post it, but here it is. Say hello to my Little Lip Collection!

From 1-5...

  • 1. This lipstick is Rimmel- Lasting Finish Color Rush in the colour 220 'Rumour Has It'. I love this lipstick as it doesn;t budge off your lips! You can choose the pigmentation depending how much you choose to apply to the lips, and the scent is edible!
  • 2. This is another Rimmel lipstick but it is from the Kate edition in 08. This lipstick is super pigmented and also stays really well on the lips. 
  • 3. This lipstick is a Maybelline lipstick in the colour 912 'Electric Orange'. I don't usually go for this type of colour but it was summertime and I wanted to spruce up my lipstick collection a little bit so I opted for this colour!
  • 4. This is another Maybelline product from the Baby Lips range. This is in the colour 'Cherry Me'. When I bought this product I had really dry lips and I wanted to wear a lip balm every day however, I also wanted a little colour on my lips too. This lip product is perfect for an everyday wear and the colour comes out quite strong as well. The smell is also delicious.
  • 5. Joining the previous product, this is another Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Mint Fresh'. Even though this doesn't have any colour too it, I was in need of a lip balm for when I went to bed to keep my lips refreshed, and seeing as though I loved my other Baby Lips product, I purchased this one too.
From 6-10...

  • 6. Moving onto the No7 lipsticks this is one of their Stay Perfect lipsticks in 'Classic Rose'. This is a very smooth and pigmented lipstick and is one of my favourites for a night time look.
  • 7. Another No7 lisptick from their Sheer Temptation editions in the colour 40 'Lovely'. I like this lipstick because it doesn't feel as though you are wearing a lipstick, and more of a gloss. It also doesn't dry out your lips which you can also sometimes find when wearing lipsticks.
  • 8. This is one of the No7 lip pencils in the colour 20 'Nude'. I like to wear a lip pencil when I wear a darker lipstick as I find that the darker colours sometimes run onto the foundation. This colour is also in nude so it doesn't add any colour onto the lip and sits nicely underneath a dark lipstick without showing through.
  • 9. This is a lipgloss from the Soap and Glory range: Sexy Mother Pucker in the colour 'Punch Bowl'. This lipgloss is super thick and is a plumping lipgloss! Your lips feel all tingly when wearing this lipgloss and it actually does work, even though my lips are big enough!
  • 10. Another lipgloss from the Sexy Mother Pucker range in the colour 'Candy Gloss'. This colour is a lot more sheer than the 'Punch Bowl', but it still has that tingling effect when it is applied.
From 11-16...

  • 11. This is another lip balm and it is from Carmex in the scent 'Strawberry'. I will only use this if its an emergency as it has quite an effect, but it is brilliant when it needs to be used.
  • 12. This lipstick is one of my favourites and it is from Chanel in the Rouge Allure range in the colour 40 'Prodigios'. This colour has little flecks of gold running through it and looks beautiful on the lip.
  • 13. This is a Body Shop lip gloss in the scent 'Mango'. I love this if I am just popping out and don't want a colour on the lip, and I also sometimes wear this for school too.
  • 14. This is a lipstick from Avon in the colour 'Beige'. When I bought this I was into a nude lip, but since I have investigated a darker lip, I don't really wear this anymore. I would wear this colour though if I performed a dramatic eye look on an evening out.
  • 15. This is a Lip Butter from Revlon in the colour 001 'Pink Truffle'. My mum didn't like this product so she gave it to me which was handy seeing as though I was just about to buy the exact same one! I love this product and it is my favourite at the moment. It leaves a creamy texture on the lip and stays on for hours. 
  • 16. This is a lip pencil from Kiss Australia in the colour Sand. Just like my nude lip pencil, I will use this to stop dark colours running.
That's my little lip collection guys and thank you for reading. 
If you have done your own post of lip collections, then tag me in it so I can have a little nosey and see yours, maybe for some ideas of my own.

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