Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hello everyone.

Earlier on I was reading through my 'About Me' tab on my blog and editing it, and I included that I am a lover of 'philosophy'. This gave me the opportunity to explain to you why I love philosophy, why I chose to study it at GCSE level and A-Level, what inspires me the most about it and why I would like to take it at degree level. 

How I grew to love the  subject
I was first introduced to philosophy through Religious Studies in year 10 during my GCSE's. I took this subject as I enjoyed Lifeskills further down the school, and I wanted to see what else was involved with the course. Of course, I never looked back. It was getting to the point where my peers were swapping and changing their GCSE subjects because they found that they didn't like them, and I often got asked if I would like to change one of mine but I refused and carried them all on. I should probably mention that I took Religious Studies (RS), Geography and Health & Social Care on at GCSE level and didn't drop or change a single choice. I passed this subject at GCSE level with A*'s and thought "I love this subject, it is definitely for me". I then chose to study it at A-Level, and whilst I am studying it now I decided that I would like to carry Philosophy on, study it at degree level and then get a Secondary PGCE so that I can teach it in a secondary school.

Why I like it
I like this subject because it offers so much insight into other aspects of the world that you wouldn't even dream of. You study philosophers who have amazing ways of thinking, and their thoughts of how the world was made and God's existence. 

What inspires me most?
I enjoy reading and studying Ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. This is because they have such fresh theories about different things, and also their theories are the originals. If it wasn't for Socrates, then we wouldn't know what philosophy is today and if it wasn't for Plato then no-one would have carried out philosophy after Socrates' death. 

Why do I want to take philosophy at degree level?
I want to take philosophy at degree level because I don't think I could see my life without philosophy in it. This is because it has become such a huge part of my life over the past 4 years, and it is something which I don't think I would ever get bored of learning about. I also want to influence the future youth about philosophy and inspire them the same way that I was inspired.

So there is my little post on philosophy. 
What subjects do you enjoy learning about?

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