Wednesday, 23 October 2013

October Favourites

Hi everyone!

So it has hit that time of the month again where I feel as though I should share with you the products that I have been loving this month. 

The first scent that I have been loving this month is lavender. Lavender has always been a favourite of mine, but it has recently made it's way back into my favourites after my Granddad's wedding. Lavender was used as table decorations and the smell around the room was absolutely gorgeous, so I thought that I would gather some for myself to place in my room.

Soap and Glory: 'Mist You Madly' Body Spray
The second scent I have been adoring is the Soap and Glory 'Mist You Madly' body spray. I recently re-discovered this unused item in my Soap and Glory kit box (where I keep all of my Soap and Glory items) and I just though to myself, why did I not use this earlier?! This fragrance is so light and floral I just can not get enough of it. It's nearly all gone now though which I am not surprised at though seeing as I have used it every day so far this month, so I am going to have to make a cheeky little re-purchase.

Avon: Strawberry Room and Linen Spray
Last month I found that I didn't have a spray which I could spray around my room to give it that little burst of 'freshness', so I purchased this out of my Avon book. This spray is very fruity and I found that it gives my room that little burst of freshness when it needs it most. I truly do adore this scent. 

Planet Spa: Mediterranean Olive Oil Hot Oil
At one point I was getting bored of using bubble bath in my baths and I wanted to look for something different to add to my bath for me to soak in. So one day I decided to invest in this oil and I will tell you, I haven't looked back since. This oil leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing after a bath, and there is no need to use a moisturiser afterwards as your skin is so full of moisture. 

Sanctuary: Luxury Bath Float
Just above this I did note that I was getting a bit bored of using bubble bath, but I wouldn't class this product as a 'bubble bath'. There are a few bubbles which are made with the float and water combination, but like the oil it is just amazing. The smell is amazing, the texture is amazing and it is just all-round amazing. 

Sanctuary: Body Lotion 24 Hour Moisturisation
I used this product after I had used the 'Luxury Bath Float' as I felt as though they were a perfect match. The bath float refreshed my skin and added goodness to it throughout my bath, but then the body lotion added moisture to my skin. Like the bottle says, it did give my body 24 hour moisturisation and I will make sure to re-purchase this again.

Soap and Glory: The Righteous Butter
I used this body butter of a morning after I had, had a shower. This is because it is more of a 'waking up' body butter. The smell is perfect for mornings to make you feel more refreshed and awake if you are having one of them mornings where you do not want to get out of bed, but have to.

Balance Me: Moisture Rich Face Cream
This product is only a sample but it has lasted me well throughout this month. At the end of last month I just finished my Simple moisturiser and seeing as though this was waiting to be used in my drawer, I gave it a go so that I could save some money. Giving this product a chance was the best thing I think I have ever done this month. The face cream is light, effortless and sits beautifully on my skin. As I have really oily skin, I thought that this may trigger it further but it didn't, and my skin doesn't appear to be as oily. 
Maybelline Color Show
I am not too sure of the colour of this varnish but I have a feeling that it is 'Red Wine Shimmer'. I have been loving this nail varnish because I usually settle for nude colours around this time of the year, but I have found that this colour gives the perfect 'pop' of colour to your outfit. This varnish also has little flecks of muli-coloured glitter in it which I LOVE
Barry M: Pink Silver Glitter
This pink is a subtle pink which I picked up in a hurry at Boots. With little flecks of silver glitter in the pink varnish, it is the perfect girly colour for days where you need glamming and cheering up.

I am not too sure of the colour of this varnish as it didn't say (major sad face). This colour is a nude which I usually settle for this time of the month, and as it has added flecks of glitter in, it makes it less boring than if it was just a nude colour on it's own. I love OPI nail varnishes as I find that they last a long time and go a long way.

Anyway, that's the end of my October Favourites! It is a pretty big list, but I have been loving a lot this month. What have your favourites been?

Thank you for reading.

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