Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Present Idea's For Girly Friends

Hello everyone. 

Seeing as though everyone will be buying their friends Christmas presents around about now, I thought I would give you an insight to the items that I would buy for my friends. I know that buying for friends can be extremely difficult considering you may feel as though you have to find the perfect present, so here are a few ideas. 

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

I have been meaning to purchase this lipgloss for a while, and I sure would love it if someone bought me this for Christmas! Every girl loves a good lipgloss and  at £6.00 I feel as though this is a perfect gift, and you can purchase this HERE if you like this idea. 

EOS Sphere Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry

A good lipbalm will keep your lips hydrated and nourished for when you want to apply your lipstick or gloss. Personally, I think that a lipbalm is essential for cold months, as the cold winds and weather chap your lips. If you bought your friend one of these for Christmas they will be forever in your debt, and it is a bargain at £4.99. You can purchase that HERE

LUSH- Bubble Bar in Candy Mountain

Everyone likes to pamper themselves every now and then, and LUSH products do just that! They all have amazing scents and qualities within them to pamper the skin and they will make you feel amazing. I personally love this product for the smell and the oils it releases into your skin. £2.65 is a good price for something that will do your skin good. Also, you don't have to purchase just this from LUSH. There are all sorts of different products that are waiting to be purchased all for great prices. You can find this HERE.

NARS Blusher in Orgasm

Every girl loves a good colour on their cheeks, and NARS have super pigmented ones which will last for hours. Even though it costs £21.50, it may be classes as a special kind of present. You can find this product HERE

Illamasqua Lipstick

I couldn't choose a specific colour as I love them all, but these lipsticks are so creamy and they last forever. I have been wanting the colour 'Shard' for a while now, and I certainly would be made up if a received one of these for Christmas. These cost £16.50 and you can find them HERE

Essie Nail Polish

I love to paint my nails, and i'm sure I would be wrong by saying that noone else does. Essie nail polishes are lovely to paint on to your nails, and they come in an assortment of colours, suitable for everyone. These come at a cost of £7.99 and can be found HERE

Cath Kidston Zip Purse

I love receiving a new purse every now and then to give my bag a little bit of 'sprucing up', and I think that Cath Kidston do amazing designs which are applied to amazing products. As this present may be given for Christmas, it will give your friend somewhere to keep their vouchers and Christmas spending money ready to hit the sales. Even though it is a pretty hefty price at £28.00, it is a present which will do on it's own, and you don't have to worry about buying little extra gifts to make the present seem more special. This can be found HERE.

Cath Kidston Umbrella

Everyone needs an umbrella. It's a fact. Especially where I live, it rains practically every day so an umbrella is essential. I go through so many umbrellas because I result in buying cheap ones which just end up breaking. Cath Kidston do lovely umbrellas, and because they are a tad more expensive than your average umbrella, but this means that it will last longer! Again, it may be expensive at £22.00 but it is a lovely gift and can be found HERE.

Ted Baker Wash Bag/ Make-up Bag

This is probably the most expensive gift that I placed in these ideas, but it is sooooo pretty! Every girl needs and amazing looking make-up/wash bag to stash their beauty products, and Ted Baker do absolutely amazing ones. Yes the price is very hefty at £29.00, but you can guarantee that your friend will love it. You can find this HERE.

So there are my Christmas present ideas guys! I know that the prices range a hell of a lot, but they are amazing gifts that I'm sure your friends will love. Also, you don't need to go buy what I have suggested, as these may just give you an idea of something else which your friends may love!

What Christmas present ideas do you have?

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