Friday, 10 January 2014

It's A Spring Fling

Hello everyone, I hope that you have had a good week and life is treating you well.
Today I bring with me a little beauty post pointing towards spring. I always like to seek out what makeup and skin-care products I will be using in the spring season, so I thought that I would give you guys an idea of what you could use as well! 
*I have used drugstore/highstreet makeup due to the fact that it is after Christmas and money may be a tad tight.*

Carmex- £4.95
Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation- £8.99
Maybelline Color Tattoo- £3.63
Maybelline Highlighter and Blusher- £5.45
Maybelline Fit Me concealer- £5.99
Neutrogena Healthy Defense moisturiser- £7.88
Rimmel Kate lipstick- £5.49
Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara- £7.99

I chose to involve Carmex because I seriously swear by this stuff. After the winter season, it is likely that your lips will become dry because of the change in the weather. I always use this in a morning and night after I have applied my moisturiser. I also apply it underneath lipsticks to give it a glossy appeal, and it also works miracles on your lips whilst still underneath your lip colour of choice.

I am currently using the Wake Me Up foundation, and it gives me such a radiant glow. Because it will be spring time, a fresh and radiant glow will be suitable, so I believe that this foundation is perfect. The foundation is also a very light formula, so it doesn't cause any harm to the skin or clog the pores like a heavy foundation might.

I have become a huge fan of the Color Tattoo's, and I use them near enough every day. The Rose Gold one (as shown above) is my favourite, and it it also a perfect spring colour. It will be suitable for an everyday look blended out, or even for a spring BBQ, with a slightly darker matte colour through the crease. These colours are also great to use as an eyeshadow primer too, as they are very gel-like and don't budge.

A good blusher and highlighter is always essential for spring, as it gives you a healthy colour on your cheeks and makes them shine. When I stumbled upon this on the internet, I noticed that it is from the Target store which is in America, and I don't think that this is actually out in England yet. However, on the Target website it may be possible to change the currency and have it get shipped over to England. A bright blush will sit perfectly on the apples of the cheeks, and I think this colour is gorgeous. The fact that it is combined with a highlighter too makes it even more better!

I have tried the Fit Me foundation once and I was a huge fan, as like the Wake Me Up foundation it made my skin glow. I always wanted to try the concealer that is compatible with the Fit Me foundation, so I thought that I would recommend you guys this product first so you could inform me of how it is. My friend uses this underneath her eyes, and it seriously brings out the brightness and hides those dark circles if you have any!

I'm in love with the brand Neutrogena. I adore their facial washes and moisturisers as they work wonders on my skin. I noticed that this product links you to the American Target site, but it may possibly allow you to change the currency if you try. A moisturiser is essential all year round, and not only in spring as your face will get chapped and dry because of the weather change like your lips. Keeping a moisturised face is essential.

You always need a pretty pink lip colour for the spring time, and the Kate lipsticks from Rimmel are perfect. They are super super pigmented and last throughout the whole day, even through eating a drinking! I love my Kate lipstick, and I only use it when I know I am going to have a hard day and I am not going to be able to re-apply me lipstick as often as I should. They also do not dry your lips out, however I always use my Carmex underneath my lipsticks too just to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Like any season, a face isn't complete without a mascara. I enjoy using the Rimmel mascaras as they do their job, but don't clog up the lashes. The smooth through the lashes when being applied, and last all day without any fall down.

So there is my spring recommendations guys! If you have tried any of these products then let me know how you found them, and if you have any other recommendations too! What products do you like to use in the spring?

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