Monday, 6 January 2014

The Leibster Award

Hello everyone.

Today I found that I have been nominated for the Leibster Award by Amee from Amee (thank you so much!). Along with the Leibster Award, there are a few rules which must be complied with. These are:

Make a blog post about the Leibster Award and thank the nominator.
Write 11 interesting facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions that were given to you from your nominator.
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and notify them.
Write 11 questions for your nominees to answer. 

So as I must, I will begin to write 11, sort of interesting, facts about myself!

  1. I have a fear of the sea- I don't like the idea of what could be swimmin' around my tootsies, or the fact it is so so deep!
  2. I get really really sea sick- (Linking in with the above), I can't go on a boat without being sick. I was once on a pedd'lo in Spain and I was so so ill.
  3. I am a very fussy eater, especially with meats- I like to know where my meat comes from and what brand it was made by. After the 'horse meat' scandal, I am really aware.
  4. I over think a lot of things- I am constantly asking many questions about the world. I am always curious to find things out, and know as much information as I can. 
  5. I snore- (How embarrassing) I have only just found out that I snore. Poor little sister. 
  6. I play the flute- Although I gave it up a few years ago, I miss playing this almighty woodwind instrument.
  7. I have a lipstick and nail varnish addiction- Oh My. Lipsticks and nail varnishes. They come in so many pretty colours, styles and textures. 
  8. I love brussell sprouts- Mmm. We only eat these at Christmas though, so I always have a whole year to wait. This is probably why I like them so much.
  9. I have an unhealthy obsession with pasta- This is great. Pasta is great. It can be eaten with anything, combined with anything and eaten by anything!
  10. I am addicted to chinese food- (Spot the link?) Yes, I am a foodaholic. I love good tasting foods and I like to have my fill of them. Chinese food appears to fall into that category too.
  11. Playing on Sims is my guilty pleasure- I admit that this IS my guilty pleasure. I just like to live a virtual life that I never can live!
Okay, so now on to answering those funky questions nominated by Amee!

What is your favourite make and shade of lipstick?
Ooo such difficulty! My all time favourite lipstick is my Chanel one in Rouge Allure - Prodigious. It is such a dark, pretty colour with flecks of gold in. 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
I would probably venture off to America. It is my dream to go there. Food and all.

What is the worst beauty product you have ever tried out?
Don't get me wrong, I love some of the ELF products that I have bought, but I just couldn't fall in love with the eyebrow kit. It wasn't pigmented enough and it just didn't work :(.

Who are your favourite bloggers?
I love love love Linsey from 'Red Velvet Kiss', Lauren from 'Destroy After Reading', Amee from 'Amee' and Heather from 'Of Beauty And Nothingness'. Their posts are amazing.  

What one item of clothing could you not live without?
Gah. My woolly jumpers. I love em' too bloody much to ever let them go! I get cold too easily so these are perfect.

What is your favourite candle scent?
Easy peasy. It has to be the fresh linen/clean cotton (I can't remember what it is called) from Yankee. The smell is just so fresh!

Twitter or Instagram?
I can't possibly choose. I love them both silly amounts.

What is your all time favourite song?
Even though it is kinda' christmass, I love the Pouges- Fairytail of New York. The song is just so cute and calming and all lovey dovey and christmassy and I love it.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you want?
Possibly invisibility and the ability to fly. They would be pretty cool.

What is your favourite accent?
I am torn between Welsh and American. I think they both sound so amazing and different from one another. I wish I had an accent.

What shop are the majority of your clothes from?
I'd like to think my clothes are from amazing shops, but they're not. Being a student and wanting so many things is difficult! Therefore I buy most of my clothes from Primark however, the prices in Primark are running higher and higher!

There are the questions that I have answered, and now for my 11 nominees!

Jonni from 'My Jolly Little Life'
Hope from 'A Spoonful Of Hope'
Cherie from 'CherieLaMode'
Ellysia from 'Leesha-Jane'
Laura from 'Lerreve'
Victoria from 'Little Words and Lessons Learned'
Olivia from 'Liv Loves'
Tamsyn-Elizabeth from 'peachpowxo'
Rose from 'Truly. Madly. Deeply'
Rachel from 'Rachel Coco'
'The Petite Halfie'

The questions that I would like to give are:

What type of eyeshadow do you prefer?
What is your favourite hot drink?
Cold or hot weather and why?
Flats or heels and why?
Au naturel or full cover?
Quiet surroundings or loud?
Sweet or savoury and why?
Favourite food?
Where is your favourite place to go?
What is your favourite perfume?
Do you enjoy shopping for makeup and scents, or clothes and shoes?

I hope you all play along!