Friday, 13 June 2014

My Favourite Blog Posts This Week | #1

Hello lovelies!

I thought that I would take a new spin on my blog and try out something new. Recently, I have been loving reading blogs that I follow and I have found that there are some posts which I have really enjoyed reading! Therefore, I would like to share with you all my favourite blogposts this week. 


I came across the Saccone-Joly's on YouTube and immediately fell in love with Anna, Jonathon, Emilia, Eduardo and the 6 maltese doggies. They have recently moved over from Ireland to Surrey (I think?) and they do daily vlogging together, whilst both running individual channels and Anna also running her blog. She does all sorts of different weekly blogposts, and this week I enjoyed her 'What I Ate Wednesday'. On this blogpost, Anna blogged about what she ate throughout the whole of the day. She made this absolutely gorgeous-looking pasta dish for her dinner, and because she is half-italian this really isn't a surprise!


I particularly enjoyed this post on Em's blog because I am venturing to university in September so I need all of the tips I can get! She literally covers everything in this blogpost, and I am so glad that she regularly appears on my dashboard! Em is a constant blogger, and I often see new posts of hers popping up which I love to read. If you are going to university in September, then I recommend reading this post!


I am a sucker for seeing what people have been buying so that I can add it to my own stash, and Heather's posts often consist of what she has been buying and I love them! Her purchases are always so intriguing and I just want to buy them all for myself. I also find that she gives honest reviews of everything that she writes about, so I know whether I will like them or not. I have been wanting to buy the NARS Creamy Concealer for a while now, and as Heather has purchased it I just want to go out and get it for myself!


I'm not going to lie, when I stumbled across Georgina's blog it was an accident, but what a blummin' good accident it turned out to be! Her posts are lovely jubbly! This post was of her 3 nail polishes for summer, and because you will always find me painting my nails or applying nail care, I find that posts like this suit me just well... Along with makeup related posts too! The colours Georgina picked are truly gorgeous, and definite colours I would wear myself. Her opinions are always honest too which I love about a good blog post.

So there we have it! What blogposts have you been loving this week?

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