Friday, 7 February 2014

Sometimes I Like A Little Alone Time...

I can guarantee that it isn't just me who enjoys spending a little time by myself every now and then. Everyone needs to have a little time catching up with their lives, especially if they have work everyday, have studies to do or just generally have a very busy life. Friday night is usually the night I like to take up on this opportunity, as I have work both Saturday and Sunday.

Firstly I like to make a cup of tea. My brother bought me this mug for christmas and I love it so much. I prefer to drink tea of a night because I never get to sleep when drinking coffee before bed. I also believe that tea settles my brain and helps me to relax. 

Secondly, I like to catch up with my social networking, blogging and other general things on my laptop. This is because I am busy doing my A-Level studies and by the time I get home I am extremely tired. So along with my cuppa', I like to be nosey and see what everyone else is getting on with!

Another thing I like to do when relaxing is painting my nails. I never really paint my nails anymore because they always chip throughout the week, and I can't face having chipped nails. I seriously need to invest in some shellac, so I won't have chipped nails until they need doing again! I used to wear acrylics the majority of the time, but because my nail beds are sensitive and very thin anyway, they didn't benefit my nails at all, and when I took the acrylics off my nails appeared to be sore, cracked and snapped straight away. I love to use the Sally Hansen 'Cuticle Massage Cream', as this massages my cuticles and nail beds and smells just like apricot yoghurt. It also creates a smooth base for when I apply my base coat, so my actual nail varnish goes on a lot better. 

I have taken to filing my nails near enough every night, because I have found that my nails grow faster when I do this. I want to try and get my nails to a length that I like naturally, because like I said, acrylics do not benefit my nails at all. I am loving bright colours at the moment, and I am also experience 'mattifying' them. I love the matte look, and I do find that it works with most colours.

So there is my idea of a relaxing night. It may not seem relaxing, as some people just like to lay in bed and not move for the whole day, and don't get me wrong, I do love doing this, but I also like to be a little productive in the process.

What do you do to relax? 

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  1. I love to relax in a comfy bed with a cup of coffee and my laptop of course. BTW I will also try painting my nails next time.

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