Monday, 17 March 2014

Get That Spring Look

Even though it doesn't seem like it, spring is just around the corner. I struggle with outfits throughout spring because somedays it can be cold and rainy, but other days it can be sunny and windy. I have chosen a few bits and bobs and put them together, to show you an outfit that I personally would wear in the spring season. This being either to a meal, or a sophisticated party. 

I adore this colour and the dress so, so, so much. I think it is perfect for spring. I found this dress on the Topshop website, and I would definitely wear it as it is a shift dress. It is names a a 'Crepe Tee Shift Dress' and is labelled at a price of £45.00. It can be found HERE

I have been eyeing up these shoes for a while now, and I have known the website they are shown on for quite a while called 'She Likes'. Being a tall one, I struggle with finding heels which won't make me look like the BFG. I think that these shoes are perfect because they don't have a platform on the front either. These are named 'Frida Leather Ankle Strap Sandals' and are priced at £25.00. They can be found HERE

I am loving statement necklaces at the minute, and think that they complete an outfit. This necklace is a light gold colour, decorated with pastel gems. This necklace is also off Topshop, and named 'Flat Sectors Beaded Necklace'. It is priced at £15.00, which I do think is pricey for a necklace but isn't it so pretty?! You can find this necklace HERE.

Even though it is soon to be spring, this doesn't mean that the hot weather will be approaching immediately (especially not in England!). As a result, this means that a lightweight jacket should be paired up with every outfit to add that extra bit of warmth, but to also make it look shnazzaaay. This jacket is again, from Topshop (bit of theme?) and is priced at £89.00, quite extortionate. It is named a 'Fluffy Swing Coat', and if I owned this jacket I would definitely try to wear it as often as I could. It is gorgeous. You can find this jacket HERE

So there is my 'spring look'. I am loving these colours at the moment, either individually or together so I glad that I could find items which suited one another. 

What clothing/colours are you loving for spring?

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