Monday, 24 March 2014

Part 2 | Revision Techniques

Hello lovelies! 
Last week I brought you a post focusing on revision essentials, and you can find that post HERE

Following on from that post, I am bringing to you a Revision Techniques post, with different techniques which you can use during your revision to ensure that those important facts stay in your head! Like I stated in my previous post, these techniques work for me, and even though they may not work for you, it is always worth a try!

Say goodbye
Unplug your phone, log out of twitter/facebook delete the app. Applications (unless they're educational) and social networking does not help with revision. You will not be able to concentrate on the subjects and topics that you are supposed to be learning, and they will become a huge distraction when you are struggling with answering questions. Whenever I am on a break, I do check up on social networking and text messages etc. but not during revision. I like to be in the zone  and manage to get some extra learning done for my exams. 

Eat healthily/do some exercise
Eating fast foods and snacks which do not benefit the body in anyway will not only make you feel worse about yourself during the revision period, but it will also take your mind off what you are supposed to be thinking about. It is likely that you will look forward to your next break, and this will distract your learning pattern. Healthy eating will help to preserve your memory, and it will ensure that you feel better about yourself overall. Fish and seafood are good foods to eat during revision as they help to aid with memory, and make your brain work faster. 

Exercise such as meditation and yoga will help to settle the brain and the body, making sure that you feel more relaxed in yourself. This will help with you keeping a clear mind during revising, so that you do not get 'stressed out' as much as you used to!

Question yourself
Either ask someone else, or ask yourself questions on the topic you have been revising. This will help to make your memory stronger with the facts that you have been learning about, and it will also help you to recite knowledge that you will need to know in the exam. This can be done on any topic that you are revising, and it seriously has worked wonders for me in the past. It can be done anywhere, with anyone and at any time!

Make sure to have scheduled breaks
Scheduled breaks fit in with having a revision timetable. Having scheduled breaks will make sure that you get snacks and fluids when you need to, so that you don't forget about eating/drinking throughout the day. This is important because you will need snacks and fluids to help with the revision process, and keeping up the memory. 

Have the resources that you need
Having the resources that you need with you is also important. This is because you can't afford to be running out of resources during revision, because you need most of your time to ask yourself questions or to recite something that you don't know too well. Having the resources near you will also mean you don't have to interrupt revising, to go and find some paper or a working pen when they work out. They can be bought pretty cheaply too!

So there are some revision techniques that I have used in the past, and that I will also be using in this years exam season. I hope that they work for you if you try them!

What exam techniques have you been using?


  1. thanks for sharing these tips! it actually works for me too! especially the first one! LOL. it's hard to say goodbye to social media but yeah.. it had to be done!


    1. I always find that I get a lot more done when I am not constantly refreshing twitter or checking up on instagram! It is worth it in the end though!

      Jess xx