Friday, 21 March 2014

Part 1 | Revision Essentials

Hello everyone.

Today I bring you a different sort of post. Seeing as though exam seasons is closely approaching, I thought that I would put together a Revision Essentials guide for you all. I will be doing numerous revision style posts for you to read, so that you can share my tips! Also, right about now is the time to start revising, I know I have!
Please not however, these essentials work for me which is why I would like to share them with you all. If they do not work for you, then I deeply apologise. 

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Post-it notes
I find that post-it notes are a literal God send. These little beauties can be placed anywhere, seen anywhere and can be taken anywhere. Anything can be written on them which makes life a lot easier! Post-it notes also come in a variety of colours which makes revising different different topics easier, as you can distinguish the different topics from one another without becoming confused. 

Coloured pens
I bet that I am not the only one who likes to make my revision notes look pretty and jazzy am I? With coloured pens, I find that you can use a different colour for each topic, each question and answer, each scholar, quote and the list goes on! I have recently purchased 3 packs of the same coloured pens because I go through them so quickly. 

Notebooks allow you to write a lot of one subject altogether, without lots of different pieces of paper becoming lost and mixed together. I use a different notebooks for each subject, because I know that if I combined them then I would never remember what I was supposed to, or I would get different quotes mixed up. Maybe try getting notebooks which are in different colours, so that you can distinguish them from one another, allowing your revision to become a lot easier. 

Posters with spider-diagrams
I enjoy using the odd spider-diagram every once in a while. I find that you can summarise a topic all in one without going through books after books trying to put something together. Putting them on a poster helps you to see them more clearly, and you can also place these around your bedroom so that you can see them more clearly too. As you will be looking at them everyday, you will eventually take in all of the facts that you need to know, and ace your exams. Spider diagrams are also useful for planning essays. They allow you to put everything together for which you need to include, so that you do not forget anything. 

Revision Cards
Buying a set of revision cards for each topic is honestly not a bad idea. You are able to put a summary of each topic that you need on the cards, so that you can use them for quizzes etc. These can also be decorated so that they stand out from all of your other revision techniques. 

A revision timetable
I think that this is very important. You need to know when your allocated revision sessions need to take place, and it also allows you to share the amount of revision time with all of your different subjects. This means you also get some time for yourself, so that you can do the things that you enjoy. This will also boost your memory.

A clock
Linking in with the revision timetable, using a clock means that you are able to allocate the times you should be revising, and when you should take a break. 

So guys, there are my revision essentials. I hope that you find them useful because I do!
What are your revision essentials?

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