Friday, 7 March 2014

Sleek | Face Contour Kit & Concealer

Like I have previously mentioned, I am a sucker for trying out new products. 

Sleek is a brand which I have heard of over the years but I never got round to purchasing anything from them, until around Christmas time. I know you will be thinking that this is a bit late seeing as though Christmas was nearly 3 months ago, but I wanted to try this out for a reasonable amount of time and give you my honest review.

Face Contour Kit

The face contour kit can be purchased in a few different shades, depending on your skin tone and what you think suits you best. I chose to go for the lightest shade as even though I like to apply my bronzer everyday, I don't like it to look too dark. This is because I find that if I apply too much bronzer then it gives my face a 'dirty' look, and I don't think that sits well on my face. The face contour kit comes with a highlighter inside of the packaging and a mirror, which is incredibly useful when doing on-the-go makeup. I like to apply my mascara after the rest of my makeup and I always use a separate mirror to look into so that I can take my time, so I found the mirror included very useful. The highlighter is a pinky tone and very, very shimmery which I like in a highlighter because it definitely does highlight the main features of the face. Even though the bronzer is in the shade 'light', the colour can be built up if it appears to light for your skin tone. Unlike some bronzers, if you build the colour up then it can ruin the foundation that is already applied and ruin the base makeup altogether, which is something Sleek bronzer doesn't do.


I have seen mixed views about this concealer, so I thought that before judging it myself I best try it out and see what it is like. First impressions were O.K. The packaging is black, minute and doesn't look cheap if you take a quick glance at it. The Sleek brand name is shown on the front, along with the SPF (mine is 15) and has a 'click-shut' top. When I opened it up, I noticed that it was in a twisty form to make the concealer appear. I liked this idea because it means you can use the concealer a bit at a time so that you can reduce the amount that is used overall.

Seeing as though I had a few blemishes at a time, I thought I would firstly see what the consistency was like and if it was good enough coverage. To be honest, I was extremely disappointed. The concealer didn't add any extra coverage to my base, so I therefore had to add another concealer to give me the coverage that I wanted over my blemishes. I thought that because it didn't add any extra coverage to my base, I thought it may brighten up my under eye area and hide my dark circles. When I first applied it to the under eye, I thought that it would pull off to be quite a good concealer for brightening and highlighting the high points of the face, so I placed on some powder and carried on with the rest of my makeup. It wasn't until I was filling in my eyebrows did I notice that the concealer was beginning to crease under my eyes, even though I had already applied powder to set it. This disappointed me because I thought if my concealer was going to crease after 15 minutes, then how was it going to look at the end of the day?

As a whole, I am willing to try out more of Sleek's products, but I know I definitely wouldn't purchase the concealer in a hurry again. The bronzer however, is something which I am extremely pleased with, and I will be making sure to purchase this again once I have touched pan and cannot scare anything else from it. Oooh! I forgot to mention! The highlighter can also double as a light base eyeshadow for an everyday look, which is something I am using quite a lot at the moment!

What bronzers and concealers are you liking at the moment?


  1. The contour palette looks lovely, I'd love to give it a try.

    1. This contour palette has been my holy grail lately, and I do really recommend this product. Plus, it isn't over priced either!