Thursday, 13 March 2014

March Wishlist

I know that it is quite far into the month of March already, but I couldn't resist sharing with you guys what I am lusting after this month. All of these products are wanted for a reason, so it isn't just a random wish list which I have placed together.

In May is my leavers ball before I go to university. I'm not giving anything away because I want to do a post on my dress etc. at the time, so I am just going to keep it minimum with my shoes that I am hopefully going to purchase for this event. These shoes are from Missguided, sat at a price of £24.99 and you can find them HERE. I love the simplicity of these shoes, and they are something which I can wear again and again with different outfits at different occasions. As my ball is in May, it is guaranteed that the nights are going to be lighter and everything is going to be more 'alive'. These shoes are perfect for those 'pre-summer nights', and enough to finish off an elegant outfit (oops another giveaway!).

After my Sleek post, I am seeking for a full-coverage concealer which I can use on a daily basis instead of a foundation, and also on a night out when I want to achieve that 'flawless' look. A lot of YouTuber's that I have watched have always used Make Up Forever products, and their skin looks amazing once they have finished applying their makeup. I know that Tanya Burr has used the Make Up Forever concealer before, and the coverage has been absolutely amazing on her. I am also suffering from a few blemishes at the moment, which may be down to the change in weather. I also like my base's to stay, and I believe this concealer won't budge.

I found this concealer on the Sephora website which is American based, but I know has just recently started shipping to the UK! The concealer is originally $32.00 which retails at £19.19 and it can be found HERE

I am a sucker for a nice dress and usually go for a shift dress, because I find that those types of dresses suit my body shape more. Whilst browsing the Boohoo website, I found a bunch of shift dresses which were gorgeous and something which I would definitely wear. Seeing as though I am going to Blackpool at the end of the month for my friends birthday, I thought that I could do with a new dress and found this one. At £18.00, I thought this was a very good price for a dress which I would get a lot of wear out of, and you can find it HERE

Now which girl doesn't like a good foundation? I have heard nothing but good reviews on Laura Mercier products; especially the foundations. This foundation claims to 'glide over skin effortlessly for perfect application and blendability." This to me comes across as a perfect foundation, which would leave a perfect finish. Again, I found this on the Sephora website at $45.00 which retails at £26.98. You can find this foundation HERE

I have long, wavy hair which in Miley Cyrus' words, "can't be tamed". I am often leaving it down because I refuse to tackle it, and to be honest I can never be bothered doing anything with it because it comes across as such a chore (perfect festival hair though!). Scrunchies are 'in' at the moment, and i came across this one on the Topshop website, and I like it. A lot. It is only £4.00 which I think can be justified, due to the amount of hairstyles which can be made with it. You can find it HERE

So there is my wish list guys! If you have tried any of these products then feel free to leave your views, or if you have any recommendations then please let me know!

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