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Minnie from 'Through Minnie's Eyes' has done a guest post for my blog... And here it is!

Guest Post // 'My All-Time Favourites'
There are certain hair and beauty products/tools that are my 'all time' favourites and are used on a daily basis. Some of them are favourites that I have had for years, and others are fairly new. So, I thought it would be good to share them with you...

Favourite Hair Straighteners/Curlers

Cloud 9- Touch Hair Straightener... I am obsessed with these! They warm up within 3-5 seconds by touching the plates together. They turn off automatically within 20-30 seconds of not being used, which is a good safety measure. The heat setting can also be changed to a lower temperature by touching the plates together 3 times. Their overall result is amazing, as I have long hair it used to take me about 25 minutes to straighten my hair by layers with my GHD's. But since having these Cloud 9's, it takes me a maximum of 10 minutes and the result is so smooth and still has that fresh shine to it. Love them!
They are £99 and you can find them HERE, if interested.

Umberto Giannini-Curling Tongs... I've had these for 8 years and they are now slowly dying on me. I've looked everywhere to find a new one to buy, but it turns out they have been discontinued. These are the only tongs I've found that work on my hair. The curls last for two days and that's without any hairspray to hold them in. Hoping they will last even longer than eight years.

Favourite Hair Product?

Argan oil of Morocco... I've been using this for about two years. You just rub in a few drops to the ends of your hair when damp after being washed. Ever since using it, the ends of my hair look healthier even though I tend to use a lot of heat on my hair. It prevents the ends being dry and having a dry/frizzy look to restoring the shine and softness.
Any organ oil will do the trick. This one is £6-8 and you can get it from HERE, if interested.

Favourite Lip Product(s)?

Lush- Mint Lip Scrub... This is one of my new favourites. It smells and tastes amazing and works wonders. It has become part of my daily routine before applying my makeup. It leaves your lips feeling nice and smooth, perfect base for applying lip balm or lipstick on. 
It costs £5.50; there are a variety of flavours and you can find it HERE, if interested.

EOS Lip balm... Again the mint one is my go to one but I also have blueberry, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew and summer fruit. They smell good, look good, and feel good on your lips. 
I got mine from Canada but in the UK they are about £6.50 and you can find them HERE, if interested.

MAC- 'Matte Yash' Lipstick / 'Stripdown' Lip Pencil... The new lip combo that I am loving at the moment. It can be used on days out because it's a simple nude , however it can also be used on nights out if you were going for a more dramatic eye but want a simple lip.
The lipstick is £15.50, you can find that HERE, and the lip pencil is £12.50, you can find that HERE, if interested.

Favourite Make-Up Product?

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Powder Contour Kit... This is in the shade Medium to Tan. I absolutely love this product! Ever since I got it, I've used it everyday without fail. Before I got this I used to use the Sleek one, but this one is so much better to use because it contains all the shades needed to emphasise the eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline.
It costs £39 and you can get it from HERE, if interested.

Favourite Perfume?

I have two perfumes that are equally my all time favourites:
Thierry Mugler- Alien... I love the scent. It's very musky and mysterious. When it first came out, I was obsessed! It got to a phase where every Christmas for 3 years straight, I would get 4 bottles as gifts from different people. I would never complain and still to this day I wouldn't because I love it. The smell doesn't wear off which is always a pro for  perfume, and makes the perfume last longer.
The bottle in the photo is actually a refill bottle, but for the normal 60ml bottle, it's £69 and you can find that HERE, if interested.

Zara- Fruity... Another perfume that is long lasting. It's a nice light smell that I use as my everyday perfume. It's a cheap one that I don't mind using up quickly because it is easily replaced. It costs only £10 and you can find it Zara stores, if interested.


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