Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I have decided that I am going to introduce a new segment into my blog, and that is 'Simple Suppers'.

Since being at university, I have definitely learnt how to cook with a small amount ingredients, and also learnt how to make something tasty out of them.

Pasta is a really good main ingredient when it comes to cooking with a small number of items. I find that anything can be thrown into a bowl of pasta, which is why I decided to share with you this recipe that I put together whilst being at university!

First you have to put some pasta on to boil. Any pasta can be used, but I love spaghetti so I always choose this.

Whilst your pasta is boiling, get together 4 spring onions, some pre-chopped bacon and some cream cheese.

I began with frying the chopped bacon until it was very nearly cooked. I prefer to have my bacon crispy, as it adds a bit of 'crunch' to the dish. Also, cooking it a bit longer gives it more of a smokey taste and makes it taste better.

I then chopped spring onions into the frying pan using scissors, and fried them until they went a bit softer. At this stage, I took some of the pasta water using an ice cream scoop, and placed it into the pan with the bacon and spring onions. Doing this means that when you add your cheese to the pan, it makes the sauce a little thicker and easier to eat with. It will also prevent the pasta sticking together in clumps.

I took the pasta off boil, drained it and then put it back into the pan I cooked it in. I added the bacon and spring onions and 2 table spoons of the cream cheese. After mixing it all together, I added pepper and bowled up!

This dish literally took 10 minutes to make. It is simple, doesn't create too much washing up to do after your meal, and it tastes like a carbonara!

Double cream may also be added when cooking the bacon and spring onions, to make a more creamier sauce.

What pasta dishes do you like to make?

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