Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dream Lipstick

Hello again guys.

Luck you lot eh. Another blogpost from me. Two in one day. I must be feeling like keeping on top of things. Mind you, I do owe you all a few blogpost's seeing as though I have been lacking the past week or so *major sad face*.

This post is about the Illamasqua Lipstick in Shard. 

This lipstick is a red/violet colour with a matt finish. Santa will definitely be getting asked for this, this year. I have been eyeing up this lip colour for a while, and whenever I get paid or I am on the internet, I always find myself on the Illamasqua website eyeing up this lipstick deciding between whether I should purchase it or not. Can I really justify £16.50 for a lipstick? At the moment I am being a good daughter, granddaughter, friend and niece by buying everybody their Christmas presents so that I get it all out of they way. 

I you guys would like to purchase this lipstick before me, which would result in utter jealousy, then click HERE to be taken there. There are also many other colours too which are just as amazing but this is the one that caught my eye!

What lipsticks are you guys dreaming about at the minute?

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