Monday, 4 November 2013

The 2013 Christmas Tag

The Christmas TAG tree
Picture courtesy of Georgina at Makeup-Pixi3
Hello everyone!

I can't stop thinking about Christmas and how excited I am! It's only a month away so I am going to have to start my shopping pretty soon. Even though I have another month to wait, I saw this as an opportunity to put together the Christmas tag, and if your reading this... your nominated for this too!

Do You Prefer A Real Christmas Tree Or Synthetic?
In our house we have always had a synthetic Christmas tree. Even though I think that real Christmas tree's are lovely, I prefer synthetic tree's as they have a little bit more of structure to them and they don't make mess.

You're In A Coffee Shop, It's December, What Do You Pick?
My all time favourite Christmas drink is from Costa and it is the Honeycomb Hot Chocolate. I mentioned this in my Autumn Tag post which you can find HERE. I love this Hot Chocolate because it is very tasty and makes you all warm inside. It adds that little bit of extra spirit to Christmas.

What's Your Favourite Colour Scheme For Decorating The Tree?
My Christmas tree has always had a colour scheme of silvers and glass ornaments. I love this color scheme as it looks classy and goes with the colour scheme of my sitting room too.

Giving Or Receiving?
Yes, opening presents is very nice on Christmas day but I love giving Christmas presents. This is because I love to buy presents for my friends and family and watching them open them makes Christmas special.

To Mince Pie Or Not To?
I personally do not like the taste of mince pies. I prefer to dip into the chocolate tin which lies underneath the Christmas tree.

What Is Your Traditional Christmas Dinner?
My Christmas dinner consists of a prawn cocktail/egg mayonnaise followed by tomato soup and croutons. I then have my Christmas dinner. This is turkey, yorkshire pudding, stuffing, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrot and swede and gravy.

Christmas Day Fashion
Our family has always dressed up quite smart for Christmas day and this is how the tradition lies. We always make an effort on Christmas day, even if we are not seeing a lot of the family. 

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?
My allllll time favourite Christmas day song is The Pogues - Fairytail of New York. My whole family love this song, and we sing it in unison when it is on.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Film?
My favourite Christmas film is the Grinch. I love love love this film and could watch it all day long, all year round.

Open Presents Before Or After Lunch?
My family always gets up at the crack of dawn to open our Christmas presents. I don't think that I could hold on until after lunch!

So there we have it, the Christmas Tag! Remember you're all tagged so get blogging!


  1. This tag makes me so excited for christmas! we open our presents first thing in the morning too, I can't understand how people can wait!
    becky xx

    1. The suspension is just too much too wait!

      Jess x