Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Remember Remember 5th November

Hello everyone!

I know that this post is a day late but as you know, yesterday was the 5th of November- Bonfire Night! I always look forward to this time of year as I think fireworks and sparklers are so so pretty. Also, there is a local firework display which takes place up Kendal Castle which is near enough in the middle of the town. Most people venture up the castle to watch the display, but because you can see the castle from my house, we chose to let some fireworks off in our garden, then watch the display from there. 

These are some of the fireworks that were set off in our garden. I couldn't catch a photograph of the rockets but here are the ones that explode out of the box. I must warn though, even though the colours were amazing, they weren't very good as a whole. 

Me and my little sister... My little brother refused to have his photo taken.
The next lot of photos are from the display up the castle.

This firework was one of my favourites.

On this photograph you can see the trees around the castle being lit up by the firework.

Part of the finale.

So there was my bonfire night! My mum also made us tomato soup and jacket potatoes whilst we watched the fireworks. My brother and sister also loved watching the fireworks too.

What did you do on your bonfire night?


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    1. Thank you so much! They could have been better but some of them were just too quick to catch! x